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You should re-register with your home school six months before the end of your leave of absence. There you will be entered in the returnees portal and your data and deployment requests will be reported to the State Ministry for the next personnel planning. In the "Return to school service / transfer - state grammar schools" form, you can specify up to 12 location requests. As part of personnel planning, a check is then made to determine whether the desired use is possible. A request by the school by name increases your chances in this regard, as a position with your subject combination will then be requested from this school with the personnel requirements for the coming school year.

In addition, please inform Unit V.8 of your return informally:
• StDin Henze ([email protected]): letters A-R
• StR Wendrich ([email protected]): letters S-Z

Please note that if you are applying for a position at a Bavarian grammar school, you will generally need a current assessment of the occasion, which the Ministry of State will commission from the KMK examination officer or the headmaster of the German school abroad via the KMK secretariat. For this purpose, please also contact Section V.8. Information on job advertisements can be found in the teachers' newsletter and the official gazette.

If you are working as a federal program teacher in the international school service and have not yet been employed in the school service, please note the regulations and deadlines that apply to employment in the domestic German school service. Particular attention should be paid to the requirements for the waiting list procedure.