How to convert OFC to OneCoin

Thanks for the information!
Since I have a few Onecoins lying around, I read along from time to time :-)
Due to the centralization and the secret blockchain, the system is very different from the Bitcoin and can never be compared. But the Romanian has already put something "big" on her feet for that.
It will only get exciting when the Onecoin is publicly traded (allegedly from spring 2018) - then you will really see the value.
The dealshaker is a start to it ... now there is still about a year to create greater acceptance so as not to cause a complete crash in public trade (assuming it comes to that at all).

This will be exciting, but also very difficult to achieve, as a lot of people are already sitting on a lot of coins that cannot be sold. With the OFCs, the number of coins that are then available for sale has been reduced - a smart move, but the currently "displayed" € 9.85 will probably not last.

Personally, I would see it as very positive if I were to get my coins between 2 and 4 times.
The positive thing is that I was able to sell around 100 coins via the currently not active exchange (xcoinx) and the payment always landed on my account after around 3 weeks.

It is also positive that the dealshaker sometimes has really good offers - much better than I expected. At least for the beginning ...

You can't do more than wait anyway, but hopefully 2018 will be an exciting Onecon year ....