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Save data volume: 8 tips for less consumption

So that you don't have to surf at a snail's pace on your mobile phone before the month is up, we give you tips on how to save data volume.

Even if cell phone contracts nowadays offer more and more gigabytes per month, a limited contingent is often quickly used up by video streaming, photo uploads, navigation and game apps. So that you can surf the mobile Internet carefree at high speed, we will show you a few quick and easy settings against data throttling. In order to avoid possible additional costs, you should switch off the automatic data control if it is included in your mobile phone contract.

Which apps are consuming the most data?

In the settings of your mobile phone, you can quickly track down culprits who are draining your data volume. Elsewhere we will show you how to query the data volume on Android and iOS. For example, you can find out whether you should download your Netflix videos for offline mode or whether you should use social media more sparingly for the rest of the month.

WhatsApp and Co .: Do not load pictures and videos automatically

Set up your apps in such a way that they only download media automatically in the WLAN and otherwise only after your request. For example, WhatsApp can be set so that images are not called up when the chat is opened, but only after a tap. The autoplay function for videos can be switched off in social media apps such as Facebook. Instagram and Facebook also offer a data saver mode in the settings. Here, for example, images are displayed in a smaller format in the mobile network.

Route planning offline

Even navigation with Google Maps and Co. sucks up a volume of data over long distances. Here you can switch off access to the mobile data network while on the move and just let the GPS signal guide you. But you have to do without some additional features, for example the traffic jam display. Alternatively, you can download maps for Google Maps in advance from the WLAN. The route view is loaded from the local memory and not from the mobile data network.

Offline mode for streaming services

A lot of data is downloaded especially through video streaming. So be careful and download content in advance if possible. All major movie streaming services like Netflix or Disney Plus have an offline mode. Music can also be downloaded to your mobile phone. With streaming services such as Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited, however, you need paid access to download songs. If you can't wait to watch a YouTube video, lower the playback quality.

Prevent data usage in the background

Many apps access the mobile internet without actively using the corresponding application. For example, it checks whether there are any new messages. Updates are also often carried out in the background. Both Android and iOS have an option to save data in the settings. How to find it on Android:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Switch to the area links and choose here use of data.
  3. Activate the option Data saving.
  4. If you do not want to do without individual apps, you select the applications as an exception for data saving.

How to turn off the background services on the iPhone:

  1. Call the Settings app on.
  2. Go to the section Generally.
  3. Here you choose Background update out.
  4. Slide the slider up Outto completely switch off data access in the background or only allow it in the WLAN.
  5. Alternatively, you only exclude individual, particularly data-hungry apps from background access to the mobile data network.

Tip for Android: Save data volume in the browser

If you surf with the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone, you also save a lot of data with a simple setting:

  1. Open the Chrome browser and tap the three points top right.
  2. Call the Settings on.
  3. You can find it here Data saving mode. Activate the setting.

If the setting is active, data on websites are compressed by Google servers before they are loaded and processed by the mobile phone. The reduction is hardly noticeable in everyday life. Only some pictures can appear blurred. In order to save even more gigabytes when surfing, media can also be switched off completely. In the overview for the data saving mode, you can also see directly how much data was saved with the setting during mobile surfing.

Tip for iPhone: deactivate the WLAN function

With the iPhone, an actually well-intentioned function can suck up the data volume. Therefore switch the setting WLAN Assist to avoid a nasty surprise. With this function, the iPhone automatically switches to the mobile network if the WiFi connection is too poor. Often, however, you do not notice the change, so that you may unintentionally download a lot of data through the mobile data connection instead of using the WLAN as intended. You switch WLAN Assist in the iPhone settings in the section Mobile network out.

Would you like a little more data volume?

As smartphones get better and better, data in everyday use also increases. Whether videos in 8K, high-resolution photos or complex apps, the demands on the monthly data volume are increasing continuously. If you regularly come to the end of your mobile data, you should consider increasing your data volume. We will show you an overview of the various data tariffs in your desired network.