Are Taylor Swift's fans happy with her?

Sooo cool: Taylor Swift surprises her fans as a wedding guest

Oh yeah Taylor Swift (26) We'll love you a little more for this campaign. Because fan love is obviously very important to the singer.

In New Jersey surprised Taylor namely now a wedding couple at their party and performed without further ado their hit "Blank Space".

Threaded Has the special gift the groom's sister. She had already written a detailed letter to Taylor in April in which she wrote the heartbreaking story told by her brother. Because Max Singer is Not only is she a huge Taylor Swift fan, her songs also have a very special meaning for him and his wife. When Max's mother fell seriously ill, the couple decided to get married on their sick bed without further ado - with Taylor Swift's song "Blank Space" as a special wedding song. Unfortunately, it doesn't come to that, because Max's mother dies shortly before that.

The greater the surprise and joy now when Taylor Swift shows up completely unexpectedly at the wedding party and also has the said hit in tow. Wow!

In any case, Taylor should have given the couple a very special memory ... of course, the other guests were also visibly excited.

Oh yeah ... and we can't get out of the swarming!