Who was the most belligerent US president?

Jasmine Revolution

Or he didn't just get away, but, and that was my first thought when I read that two days ago, this was a test and at the same time an embarrassment for the Five Eyes and their valued henchmen, and on the other side you had proof and good laughs on his side.
A test of how far "someone" would go to want to distort the truth as much as possible even now, although this no longer makes any sense. Or what else can we expect that has not yet been published?

Can that be even worse than the knowledge that the USA is the most belligerent, covertly acting espionage “government” in the world, which acts against its own people just as it does against the rest of the world? Which is controlled by wealthy family clans and other criminal criminals / corporations, whose services and organizations are not a shame for any outrage that does not also use any criminal, mafia-like structure in the world to make cash.

They keep other nations, entire continents small through their geo “politics”, by all means, small example by creating so-called refugee flows by destabilizing huge areas of the world, which of course do not affect their own country because Europe is easier to reach is.

By the way, the US “government” can still tap the oil in the destabilized zones, for the Bush's, the BinLadens and Co. In order to have enough cannon fodder ready for it, they let entire areas of their own country go to waste, including millions of their own citizens Consider too little education, create millions of poor who have no choice but to either become criminals and thus serve the prison industry there, or sell their souls to the devil, to sell their asses to the US military. No matter how brainwashed they are, they are patriotic and proud to be allowed to join a corporate and family-like mercenary army and to have themselves killed for the interests of others.

I could go on like this forever now, but I don't have the inclination or time to write so much, and if you're not blind and deaf, people know all that too, so I actually ask myself

Doesn't the information that Snowden may have to publish then have to be so monstrous that even the greatest “conspiracy theorists”, i.e. observers and thinkers, have their “aluminum hats” beamed from their skulls in their “bug-proof prepped bunkers” ???