How do I find an ideal roommate

WG-Casting: The search for the perfect flatmate

  1. Looking for a flatmate? A casting is needed!
  2. Why a WG casting? Flatmates in direct comparison!
  3. Meeting point kitchen: How does a WG casting work?
  4. Roommate typology: What types of flat shares are there?
  5. Flatmate: How do I choose the right one?
  6. The end of the WG casting: a new roommate
  7. Wrong decision:
  8. Right decision:

New apprenticeship place, new city, new apartment - nice, but unfortunately far too expensive! The apartment has two rooms and your monthly training salary is only enough for one room. Your parents are not supporting you enough. So you need a new roommate.
Partner? Is currently not in prospect. Friends? Are not around. So you have to go looking for someone new. And since you don't really care who you're going to share a sink with, you should get to know as many potential residents as possible,
to find the right one.

Start one WG casting and find your ideal roommate! Here you will find all the important tips for a successful casting. We'll show you the most diverse Flat share types on the competitive housing market and how you get yours ideal roommate can find.

Looking for a flatmate? A casting is needed!

A WG casting is like speed dating. Only now you are not looking for great love, but for the ideal roommate. But the principle is similar:

  • A large selection of applicants will be made available to you. All you have to do is choose.
  • Different people expect you, but with whom you go through the same catalog of questions.
  • Numerous candidates will introduce themselves to you in a very short time.

Why a WG casting? Flatmates in direct comparison!

A WG casting directly limits the selection of potential roommates, so that in the end the perfect roommate remains. Numerous applicants will introduce themselves to you in a very short time, you can evaluate them in direct comparison and find out which one suits you best. A casting will help you potential roommate get to know each other, sort the applicants, reduce the selection and choose the right one - all you need is a meeting in your kitchen.

Meeting point kitchen: How does a WG casting work?

Create ad: Present yourself and your apartment on different shared flat portals. Show pictures of the free room and state important facts: the size of the apartment and the free room, mention the rent and make it clear how you imagine living in a shared apartment. Tell about yourself. This is important so that you only receive inquiries in advance that already match you and your search query.

Sort inquiries: Invite all applicants? That will not do! Determine in advance what is important to you. Non-smoker? Pets? Special cooking skills? Financial medium? Cleanliness? Hobbies? Should they do the same training as you? Sort the requests according to the important criteria.

Invite applicants: Invite the applicants who appeal to you the most. The number of people invited should not exceed 10, otherwise you will quickly lose track of things. There are three possibilities how such a visit can go:

  • Make an appointment with each individual and take the time to get to know each other
  • Put together a strict schedule and give each applicant 15 minutes. Then you have done everything in 2.5 hours
  • Provide a time window of two hours and whoever comes will come!

Tip: It is better to invite a few applicants and spend a lot of time with them. This is the only way to find out who suits you and who doesn't!

The get-to-know: Arrange the meeting in such a way that both parties are comfortable. Offer drinks and snacks, introduce yourself and show the applicant the apartment and the available room. Give him time to take it easy.

The questionnaire: As soon as you sit in your kitchen with coffee and biscuits, the questionnaire begins. Here you can ask the applicant any questions that are important to you.

Possible questions:

• Have you ever lived in a shared apartment?
• How do you imagine living in a flat share? As a pure purpose flat share?
• What are you currently doing? Training? Education?
• What is your free time like? Do you like to party Do you do sports?
• Do you like to cook? Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?
• Do you often go away on the weekend?
• Do you have a partner?
• Do you have a pet?
• Are you smoking?

Do not forget: You too can be asked all of these questions. After all, the other person has to find out whether you fit him and his idea of ​​living in a shared apartment.

The decision: No matter how many questions can be asked, no matter how many criteria you can set up, your gut instinct will ultimately decide: which applicant do you feel good about? Who can you imagine an uncomplicated and relaxed coexistence with? Who suits you

Tip: Sleep on it for one or two nights, listen to your gut instinct and make the decision consciously. Then let your favorite know!

Roommate typology: What types of flat shares are there?

A cleaning hero, a party princess, a gamer - very different types of flat shares will appear at your casting. Here we have put together 5 different flat share types to give you a foretaste of what can come:

Flat share type: The invisible one

Is she there or not? Nobody knows. When she comes home, she scurries into her room unnoticed. She only uses the living room and kitchen when nobody is around. If someone does come, she feels like she's been caught. A shy deer that may flee immediately.

Flat share type: The party princess

The party princess has a lot of money and a lot of time. Because the money is financed by dad and working, let alone realizing the seriousness of the study or training, does not suit her at all. She spends most of her time in clubs on the dance floor and at home in her bed, sleeping in. Her life is always a drama and she wants to tell you every little thing about it.

Flat share type: The gamer

He usually sits in his slightly darkened room behind a locked door. There are hissing and shooting noises from the boxes of his triple-screen PC. Sometimes you hear a swear or snort - your roommate's vocabulary is limited. He only eats pizzas and Asian noodles.

Flat share type: The weekend commuter

The weekend commuter is only available to you for a limited time. Exactly when you have got used to him, he leaves again. He packs his suitcase on Thursday and disappears over the weekend. Where? That remains unclear. He's suddenly back on Monday. He devotes himself exclusively to his education. He doesn't actually have any friends.

Flat share type: The chaotic one

Clothes, dishes, empty shampoo bottles - unfortunately everything is spread out throughout the apartment. You don't know if she's lazy or if she's just immune to dirt and clutter. There should be something like that. How does she do it? Not clear. She comes in, you only turn away from her for a few minutes and it happens: dirty cups and plates pile up everywhere, clothes fly through the apartment and returnable bottles are piled up in the hallway. Positive: She is always in a good mood.

Flatmate: How do I choose the right one?

Unfortunately, there are no instructions for choosing a new roommate that are available for every flat share casting
can be used and the decision is made for you. But there is one essential point you can use as a guide: mutual sympathy!

No matter how many questions the applicant can answer correctly and be the greatest cleaning hero, what ultimately counts is the sympathy between the two of you. If you get along well straight away, maybe even develop empathy for one another, then he is the right roommate. Because then all everyday problems can be solved together - maybe even with a smile on your face.

The end of the WG casting: a new roommate

The end of the WG casting can lead to the following decisions:

Wrong decision:

Possibility Number 1

It can happen from time to time that the WG casting leads to an undesirable result. The favored applicant suddenly turns out to be a horror roommate. Instead of being nice, calm and tidy, the new roommate is loud, chaotic and just exhausting. Happens! In this case: Talk to your roommate and, if necessary, start a flat share casting again. True to the motto: After the WG casting is before the WG casting.

Possibility 2

The applicant you chose didn't choose you. That too can happen again and again. Important: do not take this decision personally! There can be various reasons for this choice: the applicant did not like the neighborhood, the vacant room was too expensive, he received another confirmation for a perhaps better room. Think about which applicant you also remember well and make another acceptance. Otherwise: After the WG casting is before the WG casting.

Right decision:

At best, you have chosen an applicant who suits you. Soon he will move into the empty room. Together you create a cozy home and enjoy a relaxed and harmonious flat-sharing community.

So: Listen to your gut instinct at the WG casting and you will find your perfect roommate.