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Eleven cognac cocktails: recipes for connoisseurs

We are certain: the comeback of cognac is in full swing. No wonder that cognac cocktails are also becoming increasingly popular. You can already order cocktails with the popular French brandy from the menu or directly from the bartender in many bars. Are there no cognac cocktails on the menu? Ask directly - maybe the location is not yet ready for the renaissance of these classics. A well-trained bartender won't have any problems mixing a handful of delicious drinks with cognac. We have also collected and now present our very personal top 10: Here are the best cognac cocktails to mix and enjoy yourself.



  • 7.5 cl cognac
  • 1.5 cl Cointreau
  • 1.5 cl lemon juice
  • sugar

The sidecar cocktail is traditionally served with a sugar rim on the glass. For this, the edge of the glass is moistened with lemon juice and then turned through sugar on a plate. In these instructions we show how you can easily make a sugar rim on a glass yourself.

The sidecar is mixed in a cocktail shaker. To do this, fill the shaker with ice and add the cognac, Cointreau and lemon juice one after the other. Now the drink is mixed well for about 20 seconds and strained into the glass provided without ice.

Cognac mojito


  • 5 cl cognac,
  • 5 fresh mint leaves,
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar,
  • 2 limes,
  • 2 cl fruit juice (e.g. raspberry juice),
  • Ginger ale

Put the fresh mint, sugar and limes in a glass and mash. Then add ice. Pour on the cognac, the fruit juice and ginger ale. A special kind of cognac cocktail is ready: you have never drunk your mojito like this!

French Connection


  • 3 cl cognac,
  • 3 cl amaretto.

Anyone who wants to establish a “French connection” is in good hands with this creation. The drink is prepared in a whiskey tumbler. The two spirits are poured into the glass with ice. Are you waiting for further steps? We have to disappoint you: with this cocktail with cognac there is no ...

Cognac caipi


  • 5 cl cognac,
  • 1 lime,
  • some cane sugar

First quarter the lime and then mash it in the glass. Add cane sugar and stir a little. First put crushed ice in the glass and then pour cognac over it. At the end, fill up again with ice and decorate with a wedge of lime. The cognac caipirinha is ready. If only not everyone would like to have one more refilled all the time ...



  • 5 cl cognac,
  • 2 cl Creme de Menthe

You don't like the peppermint aroma? Then skip this cognac cocktail: With 2cl Creme de Menthe, this taste will shape the drink. If you want to venture a trip back in time, when Creme de Menthe was the big hit, then start mixing: Put the two ingredients in the shaker, add ice and shake vigorously ... Voila le Stinger! Works better than the rocket (at least almost) ...

Between the sheets


  • 2 cl cognac,
  • 1 cl white rum,
  • 2 cl Cointreau,
  • 1 cl lemon juice.

“Between the sheets” is surely still the nicest place. You can't go wrong with cognac, white rum and Cointreau in terms of taste. The lemon juice gives this cognac drink the right kick. You can do without the often recommended cocktail cherry - it tastes so delicious too! Don't forget to mix one up with the woman in bed ... 😉

Rolls Royce


  • 3 cl cognac,
  • 3 cl Cointreau,
  • 8 cl orange juice,
  • 1 egg white.

Mix the ingredients in the shaker with ice cubes and carefully pour into a glass. Cognac glasses are not so good for this drink because they are harder to clean. Those who like it old-school can decorate the Rolls Royce with a cocktail cherry. The cocktail with the retro touch of the 80s is ready.

Alba de Cognac


  • 3 cl cognac,
  • 2 cl orange juice,
  • 1 cl raspberry syrup.

“Alba” actually means white - but this cocktail is rather motley. Never mind, we still like it: cognac in the glass, orange juice and raspberry syrup on top. Stir and of course mix with ice. If you want, you can clip a slice of orange to the glass. A cognac cocktail that you can make good late at night as it does not contain caffeine.

Horse Neck


  • 5 cl cognac,
  • some bitter liquor,
  • Ginger ale

First fill the cocktail glass with crushed ice. Then add the cognac and a small shot of bitter liqueur (be careful, not too much!). Top up with ginger ale and serve immediately. This mixture will inspire even seasoned connoisseurs of the spirit straight away.

Betsy Ross


  • 4 cl cognac,
  • 4 cl port wine (preferably a good one),
  • 1 shot of Cointreau,
  • 1 shot of Angostura

Who is Betsy Ross, anyway? We have always asked ourselves this question while drinking this exquisite drink, but we have not found an answer. That's the way it should be ... but Betsy's drink tastes perfect: Put all the ingredients in the glass, mix well and serve ice-cold ... uh ... well, you know. Betsy style.

Mont Blanc


  • 3 cl cognac,
  • 3 cl Cointreau,
  • Whipped cream

Climbing Mont Blanc while drinking - what good would that be! You can at least imagine it with this original drink with retro charm. When preparing it, it is important that the cognac and Cointreau are first mixed with ice cubes and then poured into the glass without ice (so-called straining). Then comes the big hour of white foam: the whipped cream is placed on top of the drink. The Mont Blanc of the cognac cocktail or the icing on the cake, if you will.

What is the best way to serve a cognac cocktail?

A cocktail with brandy or cognac is more likely not to be served in a cognac snifter. Depending on the style and size of the drink, there are various classic cocktail glasses for the drink. Classic tumbler and long drink glasses or martini glasses, cocktail bowls and goblets are suitable for cocktails.


Whether pure, on ice or mixed as a drink: Spirits bring a variety of flavors into the glass. Behind every rum, vodka, gin or cocktail, however, there are also exciting stories to be discovered and told. For me, a good spirit is like an adventure novel: exciting to the last sip.