Is a coin collection Muktzah on Shabbos

Do reward tokens qualify as money halachically?

As a reward for good behavior, I give my children special notes (a "token economy"). You can collect these pieces of paper and use them to "buy" rewards such as toys, treats, or fun activities.

Do these reward tokens have the halachic properties of money? For example, are they on Shabbos muktzeh? Could I reward my children with them on Shabbos? Could they exchange them for prizes on Shabbos? In theory, do they have any value that allows them to be used in any kind of kinyan or salvation?


Is there a difference between tickets that were set up as rewards tokens before Shabbos and tickets that were used on Shabbos as retward tickets in Shuls? Just ask. I like that question.

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Be'er Moshe 6: 100 says that it is allowed to play on shabbos with fake paper money, but he says it is not allowed to play with fake coins. Ohr L'Tziyon 2: 42: 5 Grade 5 says that it is allowed to play Monopoly on Shabbos as the fake money is just a toy.


This can be different here, as it is not fake money, but tokens that can actually be redeemed for something.

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@ Michael exactly. How's the money wrong on the question?