What is the best website for vacation rentals

Presenting holiday apartments correctly

Promote your vacation home through your website

If you are on vacation these days and want to stay in a holiday apartment, you probably will look for suitable accommodation on the internet. Whether in a city, by the sea or by the lake, in the mountains or anywhere else where people like to go on holiday - if you want to draw potential guests' attention to your holiday apartment and assert yourself against other landlords and hotels, a well thought-out and attractively presented website almost indispensable.

We'll give you a few below Tips and tell you Tacticshow to develop the right strategy for your holiday home, find the right domain, create an inviting website and make the site known through online advertising and social media.

Develop strategy

Many owners these days rent out their holiday home (s) over the Internet - maybe you will soon too. Be strategic and learn from others how to best find guests.

First, think about the purpose of the website. Also, try yourself to empathize with your gueststo develop a targeted message. Take your competitors into account in order to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

What is the purpose of the website?

The overriding goal is a higher occupancy rate of the holiday apartment (s). To do this, you should make it easy for visitors to to contact you directly. There are several ways to do this: via email address, via a contact form, by telephone number or via online booking. Preferably give the customer the choicehow he communicates with you. Nevertheless, it is advisable to concentrate on one channel and to prominently place the corresponding buttons or links (see also Setting up a website).

What is my target group?

The potential clientele is already determined by factors such as the equipment, the location and the price. Set high prices convincing arguments ahead, for example a top location (close to the beach) or special features (sauna, swimming pool). Speak the other way around cheap prices the less demanding holidaymakers all the more.

TIP: Anyone who has already vacationed on the Baltic Sea knows that the region is particularly popular with families and the elderly. Look for one on your website appropriate font size and understandable wording. Youth language and Anglicisms are probably less suitable for this target group.

In addition to age, that also plays a role Origin of your guests a role. According to Google Trends, people from Saxony-Anhalt in particular are interested in holiday apartments on the Baltic Sea. In order to address them, you could, for example, humorously alienate the country's former slogan ("Land of early risers") in your texts: "Holiday apartment for early risers". Be careful not to violate any copyrights or trademarks.

What is my message

If you know your target audience, consider one clear message formulate. If the holiday apartment is to be used to the maximum, you can draw attention to yourself with low prices. Advertise aggressively, for example with a price guarantee: If you find a cheaper apartment nearby with comparable equipment, you will be reimbursed the difference. In this case, the customer even has a legal right to reimbursement.

If you have above-average comfort or a good location, you can go to the Premium segment position. Focus on the excellent view from the balcony or the Finnish dry sauna. The focus here should not be on the price, but on the feel-good experience.

Who are my competitors?

Above all, competitors can keep up with search engines like Google or Bing. When searching using general terms such as “vacation home”, the first results pages mainly show large, professional providers and comparison portals. Many users search, for example, more specifically for "holiday home" or "holiday apartment Baltic Sea". And only a search query that includes the location - for example "Ferienwohnung Hanshagen" - leads to websites from small but directly competing providers.

By doing so your Keep refining your search, you get an accurate picture of your competitive environment.

With the competition analysis you get valuable information about the Equipment level and prices on site. This is how you can optimize your strategy: Does your holiday apartment, unlike others, have a sauna? Or can you meet standards like free internet access? In contrast, try to compensate for weak points in your holiday home either through price or other comfort features.

The right domain

A domain (or: address / URL) is a central, individual characteristic of your website. Many users enter known addresses directly into the address line of their browser. If the Address identical to the title of the website it is easier for visitors to remember. A subsequent change can lead to a loss of visitors.

How do I find the right domain?

Above all, the domain should reflect the content or the message of the offer. It's best to choose one "Speaking" address with one or two words separated by hyphens. If you use “keywords” (key words - the search terms used by users), your website will probably be better placed by search services such as Google and Bing. You can find out which keywords are suitable for you with a Keyword analysis. If your holiday home is in Hanshagen, the domain www.ferienwohnung-hanshagen.de would be a good choice, for example.

How do I register a domain?

Use the STRATO domain check to find out whether your desired name is still available. Register too similar domains such as www.ferienwohnunghanshagen.de - this is how users can find your website even if they forget the hyphen. You then only have to set up a domain redirection to ferienwohnung-hanshagen.de.

Take care when choosing a domain no name or trademark rights of third parties to hurt. These include brands and names of companies and celebrities, titles of magazines, films and software, single city names and license plates, and names of government institutions. On the other hand, your own name, that of your own company or the combination of city name and holiday home is usually unproblematic.

Set up the website

Put your website visitors in Holiday mood. The STRATO website construction kit provides you with many suitable templates.

What should I put attention on?

Align the structure and design with the goal of your website. If you want lots of visitors to one Reservation request give them the opportunity to do so on the start page. The function should also be directly accessible on all other pages - either as a link or as a button. But is it for you Customer contact more importantly, make your phone number or email address as prominent as possible.

Are there general layout rules?

The most important thing is legibility. If your offer is aimed at older people, increase the font size. In principle, only use one font. In addition, the text should stand out clearly from the background.

Your website must make you want to go on vacation. Therefore, choose appropriate photos and light colors. Complementary colors or other combinations of warm colorsthat harmonize with each other.

How do I choose the right layout?

The STRATO website construction kit already has over 140 responsive design variants for 200 industries. When you call it up for the first time via the customer login, select "Gastronomy, tourism and entertainment" as the category and "Holiday apartments / holiday homes" as the sub-category. In this way, you can adopt a template with a preset page structure, suitable information texts and images.

The structure can be adjusted using the "Website structure" tab. The already created pages are typical of the industry. If necessary, you can rename them, delete them, add new ones or change the order. Functions such as a contact form or a guest book can be integrated as content elements on new or already created pages.

It is just as simple Integration of Google Maps. Under "Content elements" and there under "Widgets" you will find a site plan or, alternatively, a site / route plan. You simply drag the widget to the desired location, publish the page - and potential holidaymakers can immediately see the route.

Create texts, photos and videos

Good content is critical to the success of any website. This includes coordinated texts and images. This creates trust, increases the attractiveness and turns website visitors into holiday guests.

How do I write good texts?

Your visitors must at first glance Realize that you have a vacation rental to rent. Too much advertising language is not necessary and is more of a disturbance. Be sparing with euphemistic adjectives and avoid exaggeration.

A good text consists of short, active sentences. Always follow a central theme in terms of content. Subheadings, lists and logical paragraphs help the reader to grasp a text quickly. The most important thing belongs to the front.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your (potential) guests: How do I get there, where do I go to the beach and what shopping options are there? Are the lyrics understandable and entertaining? You might ask friends to proofread beforehand.

Important: The copyright law prohibits copying the content of other sites. That's why your content has to unique so that it will be classified as relevant by search engines. Use your keywords on a regular basis.

How do I take beautiful photos?

A successful website requires high-quality photos. To make these you will need in addition to a good camera, also experience in photography. If you are offering a luxury vacation rental, consider hiring a professional photographer.

Be careful when taking photos good weather. After all, the holiday mood only arises when the sun is shining. Because the lighting conditions are better then, there is no need to use the annoying flash when taking pictures indoors.

The goal that you are pursuing with the images is primarily to To create trust. If, according to your description, the beach is “right on your doorstep”, the reader almost expects proof in the form of a photo. To make your appearance look authentic, you should take lots of photos of the house and the surrounding area. Also upload pictures of you, your family and guests. Happy people are the best advertisement. Remember to get the consent of the people shown in advance.

So that the loading times are not too long, you should set the file size to maximum 100 kilobytes limit per image. This is already possible with simple graphics programs such as Paint.NET (Windows) or with the preview app (macOS).

How do I create a video?

The same goes for videos. For example, you could arrange a discount with a family if they have a film on their vacation. Playing children are more lively than an empty apartment. In addition, you set the Your holiday apartment is suitable for families under Evidence.

If you are creative yourself and want to make a film: Most cameras also have a video function. Use a tripod, shaky shots do not look very professional. With subtle background music you can increase the positive mood. You don't have to pay license fees for GEMA-free music. You can find suitable items at musikfox.com, for example.

There are free editing programs such as iMovie (macOS) for post-production. Try the movie on Shorten 1 to 2 minutes. For optimal playback on portals such as YouTube or Vimeo, the video should be saved as high-resolution as possible and in 16: 9 format.

The best thing to do is to upload the videos to YouTube or Vimeo first and then bind them using the relevant one Widget a.

Online reservation

Give your visitors the opportunity to use the holiday home book directly online. It's very easy with the STRATO partner bookingkit.

A potential guest should be able to choose how to contact you - for example by E-mail, telephone, contact form or bookingkit. The latter has the advantage that the interested party can see online whether the holiday home is still available for the desired period. If this is the case, he can make a reservation directly.

How do I integrate bookingkit into my website?

First navigate to the "Content elements" tab and drag the bookingkit widget into an area of ​​your choice. So that as many visitors as possible can see the tool, you should position the element so that it on all sides is shown. In the widget configuration you can specify whether the occupancy calendar should also be displayed.

Terms and conditions and imprint

Website owners need to be specific Information about the provider do. This includes, among other things, an imprint and terms and conditions.

How do I create terms and conditions?

You do not have to state general terms and conditions, but in most cases this is recommended. Finally, as a provider, you have the opportunity here to determine the rules yourself. This includes details on booking modalities, travel cancellation or liability. Anyone who opts for terms and conditions should consult a lawyer: unlawful terms and conditions can lead to costly warnings to lead.

Which information belongs in the imprint?

The purpose of an imprint is to create transparency and thus trust. It is imperative that your full name, your address and contact details such as telephone number or e-mail. Registered companies also give the Register number and legal form of persons with authorization to represent. An incomplete imprint can lead to a warning, so it is advisable to seek professional advice if you are unsure which information should be in the imprint in your case.

Place advertising online

Offer your holiday home where your customers are. With Google Ads and Facebook Advertising, you can suitable ads for your target group switch.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is a program for Search engine advertising. As a website operator, this allows you to place ads for certain search terms within Google search. These then appear above the organic search results. You can also use the service to display advertisements on websites that participate in the Google AdSense affiliate program, such as: B. for banner advertising.

How do I advertise on Facebook?

A Facebook page is a good tool for customer loyalty. With ads can be even faster win new fans. In addition to a budget, the prerequisite is an advertising account that you create with your personal profile.

On Facebook, you create and manage ads using the Ad manager. In order to be able to use this, you have to use the Chrome browser from Google.

In the advertising manager, you have, among other things, the option of having your website appear in the so-called newsfeed of potential guests or to specifically highlight individual page contributions. You can pretty much determine the target group that you have already identified in your strategy.

To create Facebook Ads, do the following:

  1. Create a campaign under which you want to manage your advertising project.
  2. The next step is to create an ad group. Here you define budgets, terms and target groups.
  3. The next step is to create an ad within this ad group. In this you enter e.g. E.g. what the post you are promoting should look like.

Try running two or more ads in parallel to find out which one your target group will respond to best. To have a head-to-head comparison, you should only one change step by step make (for example insert a different picture or a different text). However, Facebook automatically allocates more of the budget to ads that deliver better results. Therefore, you should assign the advertisements to different campaigns for testing.

What other advertising options are there?

In addition to Google Ads and Facebook Advertising, you can also market your holiday home via portals such as Yellow Pages or ImmobilienScout24.de. It is usually possible to determine whether the investments will pay off only in retrospect answer. For this reason, some operators also offer the option of testing an entry for a certain period of time free of charge.

Use social media properly

Use Facebook and YouTube to maintain and expand contacts. Communicate in the process at eye levelso that “fans” and subscribers also become guests.

Social networks have long been part of everyday life for millions of people. Create Accounts for your vacation hometo post photos and answer questions. If your service is right and you use social media properly, other users will recommend you.

How important are Facebook & Co. for the holiday home?

More and more people are using this Internet for general exchange. On Facebook, friends are invited to birthdays, videos are shared on YouTube and news is spread on Twitter.

Most use social media accounts in their spare time. With the topic of vacation you should therefore run into open doors. After all, many vacationers have a distinct need for their To share experiences with others. Use the (mostly) free services to make new contacts and deepen existing ones.

However, maintaining multiple social media profiles is time-consuming. Every post and every inquiry takes time. Instead of being represented in every network, you should be focus on a few.

Which rules apply in the "social web"?

Social networks are not sales channels. One-sided communication and intrusive advertising usually have no chance here. Instead, try open, authentic and always friendly to be. As in "real life", you should treat your guests and friends with respect. And if you ever make a mistake, you can admit it - but you should iron it out quickly afterwards. Because: once content has been posted, it can theoretically be found forever.

To be successful on social media, you should encourage your fans and followers to participate and request feedback. For those interested Testimonials from real guests more credible than the provider's advertising claims. Post photos and videos from the holiday region yourself on a regular basis.

What can I write on social media?

For visitors are lively, active profiles Interesting. For example, provide information on general holiday topics (tips on sun protection, wellness, etc.) as well as news from the region. These can be on-site events or catering offers. The local newspaper is a good source of information for this.

Of course, you can also get creative here: In addition to relevant information, there is entertainment an important factor within social media, that is how you gain sympathy points.

Which channels are suitable for me?

Facebook is that with around 26 million users in Germany most popular social network. To create a Facebook page, log into your private account and click on "Create page" in the footer of the page. You can enter “Local businesses” as the category and “Holiday home rentals” as the sub-category. Enter the address of your website as the URL.

To get started, ask your friends to "like" the new page. Under “Edit page” and there “Edit settings”, check the box for “Marking permission”. This way you allow guests to view your Facebook page Photos from the apartment and link from vacation.

If you have a Video from your holiday home upload it to YouTube. To ensure that it is found, use your keywords (such as "Ferienwohnung Hanshagen im Sommer") in the headline, description and keywords ("tags"). Always include a link to your website in the description.

New channels: Instagram, Snapchat and Co.

Young target groups in particular are increasingly using newer social media channels such as Instagram or Snapchat. You can only post photos and videos on Instagram and thus convey many positive impressions of your holiday home. The special thing about Snapchat, on the other hand, is that fans' pictures, videos and texts can only be viewed once - afterwards they disappear and cannot be called up again.

With so many different channels available, it pays to think about how they all work and how they all work used for their own purposes can be. Make sure you weigh the costs against the expected benefits.

Web analysis

With the help of a web analysis (or: web analytics), the visitor behavior on your pages can be precisely traced. This is how you find vulnerabilities and can use your Keep optimizing your website.

You can also use special tools to analyze whether you have the correct keywords have used. If not, use different search terms to optimize the text so that your website is better found.

A successful website for your vacation rental

This selection of tips, tricks and strategies is designed to help you promote your vacation rental online. Potential guests will be enthusiastic about the inviting presentation of your domicile and will be happy to spend their vacation there. So you can fully concentrate on giving your visitors an unforgettable stay, which the travelers will later enthusiastically tell their friends or family about - after all, satisfied guests are the best advertisement.