What is a search query

Search queries

A search query refers to the entry of an Internet user into a search engine such as Google or Bing. As part of a search query, individual terms or longer phrases entered by the user can be filtered and visibly listed using algorithms. Which websites are listed at the top and according to which criteria this list is composed depends on the relevance of the respective page. When using a meta search engine, the results of several search engines are combined.

Placement in search engines [edit]

Every search engine contains millions of web pages. These are assigned a more or less high weighting according to the content. Criteria for this would be, for example, on-page factors (e.g. integration of keywords that are explicitly or implicitly queried), the integration of media elements or how large the comprehensive network of generic links to topic-related pages is. For search queries, the upper and lower case of the respective keywords is currently not important, as Google interprets all keywords in lower case. So that the semantic search becomes even more precise, this so-called case sensitivity could become more important for Google in the future.

Goals [edit]

The goal of modern search engine optimization is to make your website appear with the best results for as many search queries as possible. It is not about inquiries that are explicitly aimed at your own website. An attempt is made, for example when searching for a certain article by an Internet user, to increase the relevance of one's own page so that it is displayed before the competitor's website.

Types of search queries [edit]

In general, there are three different types of search queries, which are explained in individual articles:

Conclusion [edit]

Due to the seemingly infinite number of possible search terms, it is of great importance for search engine optimization to deal with a thorough analysis of possible search queries. Targeted optimization measures are only possible if you can assess which search terms potential visitors to your site use. Since 2003, Google has processed a total of more than 450 billion searches. That's over a billion search queries a day and 20 percent of them have never been queried before.

Search trends can be determined from search queries. This is done, for example, with the help of Google Insights for Search or Google Trends. This can be important for search engine optimization, as search trends can be picked up and incorporated into the website content.

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