How do I write a secret

How do you write a diary correctly?

I think the idea is cute.

I've been doing this myself for many years.

I would buy myself a nice book with a nice cover because it's not an exercise book, but something special.

You can write in everything you want, it is your personal book, in which everything that occupies you, personal, intimate, there are no limits, that's what a diary is for, so that you can entrust everything to him without restriction.

You can also start your entries with "Dear Diary" and then just write everything from your soul, as if you were telling a very good friend whom you blindly trust everything that moved you that day, what happened to you, what You have for thoughts and feelings.

Well, if you have to hide it, so if you have concerns that someone is reading it, then find a good hiding place where nobody is looking. Maybe under the mattress? Between the laundry, in some closet niche, in a box that you can lock?

No, there are no rules, that's the nice thing. Just write your entries as you are funny. You can also add personal things to them.

Example: You were at a concert, put the card in your diary on the day you were there.

You got a love letter: Put it in your book on the day you got it.

You got flowers: take a flower and put it in the book. Over time, it will flatten and dry out. Something like that is also a nice bookmark.

Do you have a kitten Stick one of her lost whiskers in your booklet

A class photo, a photo of your boyfriend, best friend, etc.

In many years you will read through this, pick up the little things and remember.

It has already happened to me that I read entries from 15 years ago and burst out laughing because I just reported about my heartbreaking lovesickness and I was amazed at myself how incredibly theatrical I can write and what doomsday mood I felt back then prevailed because of the boy :)

I think your idea is very, very beautiful and I hope you enjoy it and design it

LG Cornelia