Why is India copying the US

Christopher Columbus "discovers" America

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Columbus' idea

If the earth is a sphere, thought Columbus, then he would also have to come to India via the west - that is, by ship. It took a while until Columbus was able to convince the Spanish king of his idea, but finally the time had come: On August 3, 1492 he set sail with three ships - the "Santa Maria", the "NiƱa" and the " Pinta ".

Columbus discovers America

On October 12, 1492, the longed-for cry finally rang out: "Land in sight!" But Columbus did not end up in India, but in America. He went ashore on an island in the Bahamas. Believing to be in India, he called the people of the country Indians. Little did he know that he had discovered a continent that was new to Europeans. In fact, until his death he was convinced that he had found the western route to India.

Sorrow and misery

When Columbus met the indigenous people for the first time, he was welcomed with open arms. But for the Native Americans, the discovery of America began a terrible period of suffering.

Many died of previously unknown diseases that Europeans brought with them to the continent.

Greedily for power and wealth, Columbus and subsequent European conquerors took whatever fell into their hands. Countless Indians were enslaved or killed, their culture destroyed.