Which song is this 8th

Great, Rhina! New story book

Swallow Swahili arrives after a laborious flight to Africa in the Lewa savannah, where he gets to know all kinds of animals and birds. But what makes the most impression on him is the rhinoceros Rhina, a specialist in problem solving.
A wonderful reading book for family and school about the new Lewa savannah in Zurich Zoo with great savannah songs.
>>> Click here for the picture book.

New family trips with Ringo

Do you fancy a wild excursion, a high-altitude flight or a rhino hunt? The Zürcher Verkehrsverbund is offering three new family trips that can be experienced together with Andrews penguin Ringo using many and special means of transport.
Three brochures each tell a funny story (pictures by Raoul Schweizer), which will lead to many aha experiences on your family trips and encourage the children to hike with you, to search along. If you are awake enough, you can discover a solution and pick up a great ringo bingo game.

The spring break and the coming summer are saved!

>>> You can find all information here.

At home with the hamster

And it's already been a year!
When normal life grounded in April 2020, concerts were canceled and then even kindergartens and schools closed, Andrew decided to write a story. For almost 5 weeks, a new episode appeared every weekday morning to read or listen to. There were 24 in total and they all ended with an assignment for the children to enrich their home schooling days. Many, many children took part and sent us their photos or ideas.
Because quite a few of you have asked for it, we're releasing the story for a few weeks. This time please do not send photos or emails, even if Andrew encourages you to do so at the end of the episodes.
>>> Read the story here

Andrews Kino: MärliMusicals and much more

As you all know, there are currently no fairy tales from the MärliMusicalTheater to be seen on stage and also no tour. In order to still offer you a fairytale musical atmosphere, we will show you some of the previous fairy tales as a video in full length in "Andrews Kinosaal".

In addition, in Andrews Kino, under the motto “Alli mached Mischt”, you will find 10 super-smooth farm hands-on films, 10 fresh-frog-happy spring-time hands-on films, our musicalinos, in which we have staged classic fairy tales in short and lively fashion Looking back, all of the join-in and sing-along films from Andrew's online advent calendar.

So, let's go to Andrew's cinema ... >>>

Bond song for contact tracing hotline in the canton of Zurich

We hope that you haven't had a reason to call the Zurich Contact Tracing number so far. If so, you may have recognized the voice singing a specially written song while you wait. Andrew responded spontaneously to the Contact Tracing request and composed the song "Waiting Loop" at the beginning of January.

The song reflects the thoughts, frustration and worries that many callers have at this moment. And because you sometimes have to wait up to 7 minutes, the song lasts almost as long. Now, however, there seem to be some callers who complain if they get through too early. Because they would have liked to have finished the song first ...

The media are also interested in this topic:
Interview in the Süddeutsche Zeitung >>>
Report in the Tages-Anzeiger (with subscription) >>>

Here you can listen to the song in full length >>>

"Tips for de Gips", the current album by Andrew Bond and Anders Andersson

Anders Andersson is from the Hüüsli: his CD is here! Finally, finally, five years after the first attempt, Andrew's new album has been available for some time. "Tips for de Gips" is aimed at everyone who is sick or in hospital, as well as everyone around them. As always, the songs are rich in words and melodies, profound and funny. The 25 songs also give a lot of consolation, distract and give confidence.

A howling dachshund does not want to be treated like that and a complacent dinosaur learns to bite its teeth - he has had enough of it. The rescue helicopter buzzes through the air and Anders Andersson sings "In the hospital it is awesome, in the hospital it is awesome".

Lila booklets 10 - 12 are here!

New songs for dancing, research and mental arithmetic

The last (for the time being) Lila books and CDs are finally available!
These are now also suitable for older children. Each individual issue contains, so to speak, its own album with many new songs that Andrew Bond wrote tailor-made for the classroom.

Lila booklet 10, Tänz vo de Tier - 11 songs with choreographies.

Lila-Doppelheft 11, Oisi four Elemänt - 17 songs about earth, water, air and fire.

Lila-Heft 12, MatheMusik, the sung multiplication table (high German) - 10 songs for the rows up to 9 and to add to the 10th.

Click here for the Lila booklets.

New double CD Best-of MärliMusicalTheater

8 MärliMusicals, a good 440 shows, over 170,000 visitors: a fairytale journey with a great team!

We celebrate with our 50 favorite songs on 2 CDs, the one breezy with power songs, another cozy with ballads: more than two hours great songs, great voices, inspiring arrangements.
A thick booklet full of magical photosdocuments the imaginative creativity, the lustful playfulness and the high professionalism of the MärliMusicalTheater.

This double CD should be much more for us and for all of you than just a little bottle for our unusual tour.

Available as a physical album or for direct download >>>

Selected CDs & songs

View all MärliMusicals in full length ...

As you all know, the MärliMusicalTheater is not on stage and on tour this season. In order to still offer you a fairytale musical atmosphere, we present you some of the previous fairy tales as a full-length video for viewing. Further MärliMusicals will follow in approx. 3-4 week intervals. Welcome to our MärliMusical cinema. We wish a Lot of fun!

Next concert dates

Current videos

SRF 1, December 24th, 2017: Andrew's new Christmas Singspiel “De Himmel chunnt uf d Erde” broadcast live on Christmas Eve from the ev.-ref. Family service of the Aarau City Church.
art-tv Kulturfernsehen was a guest at the screening of “Miss Mallow, the Dragon Nanny” at Theater 11 in Zurich and captured the MärliMusical in a great video.
art-tv Kulturfernsehen was a guest at the screening of “Jackie MacSäbel & Die Party-Piraten” at Theater 11 in Zurich and captured the MärliMusical in a great video.
Rehearsals, taking photos, making costumes, refining the script: the preparations for the new Märli musical “Jackie MacSäbel and the Party Pirates” are in full swing. Frosh TV took a very close look at it ...
"Wulche, Wind und Wätter" - Matinée concert on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 in the Tonhalle Zurich with Andrew Bond and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.
The premiere of Kids on Ice 2014 in the ice rink on Deutweg in Winterthur.
art-tv.ch cultural television online: premiere of the new Märli musical “Tom Träumer” at Theater 11, Zurich, October 2015.
SRF “Glanz & Gloria”, broadcast on November 11th, 2015: Premiere of “Tom Träumer - From the good-for-nothing to the dream prince” of the MärliMusicalTheater at Theater 11 Zurich.
art TV. Cultural television on the net October 2014: Premiere of Andrew's third MärliMusical production “Ladina und d Plunder Lampe” in Wädenswil.
arttv.ch cultural television on the net: Contribution to the performance “Dornrösli” in “Das Zelt”, October 2014.


February 20 in Northern England: Andrew is writing on the new musical. Subject: a surprise.
Zoltàn, Paolo, Sonny, Andrew, Catherine, Stef: Die Mitsing * Wienacht Band.
Hannah rebukes Beni Ben Baitz. Sing along * Vienna Night 19.
Sing along * Wienacht 2019, once again together with hundreds of children in disguise.
The Sing Along Concert * Wienacht will start soon!
Andrew's neighborhood children sing a song for Mission B from SRF.
Andrew as Santa Claus for his wife's school class.
The team of the MärliMusicalTheater with an attachment at the premiere dinner for Heidi.
The secret stars in the Heidi musical: Our goats!
The MärliMusical "Heidi, where are you dihei?" will be a complete success.
Once again visiting the big school in the Congo, which Andrew supports with an association.
Selection of illustrations for monschter hunters from thousands of submissions.
The Monschterjäger band: Andi, Giovanni, Stef, Lukas, Marc.
Recordings for monschter hunters with a school class from Wollishofen.
Appearance for the star singers
And this year, Kids On Ice staged “Heidi”, probably the most beautiful Swiss children's story (Photo: Michael Hottinger)
With live music and compositions by Andrew, the children conjured up a fascinating show on the ice surface. (Photo: Michael Hottinger)
At Miss Mallow's, dragons are colorful, fiery and imaginative - and even have their own personal touch.
Freddy Burger, Andrew Bond and Angelo Stamera (Freddy Burger Management) on the occasion of this year's premiere in Wädenswil.
Miss Mallow, the dragon nanny has started. Successful premiere in Wädenswil.
The dragons are loose, fiery, funny and musical in the new MärliMusical “Miss Mallow and the Dragon Nanny” - from October 2017!
The badgers are on the loose: Andrew's new CD with many field, forest and meadow songs. A homage to nature.
Andrew was once again in nature and bird watching - this time on the Shetland Islands.
The new CD "En day in the life of Anders Andersson" is here!
Andrew recites (tells and sings) the Christmas story from his newly published children's book “Di allereerscht Wienacht” on the occasion of this year's Sing Along * Wienacht concerts
The Christmas picture book “Di allereerscht Wienacht - retold and with songs by Andrew Bond” is now being reissued and in a fresh dress.
Successful premiere weekend in Wädenswil with the new MärliMusical "Jackie MacSäbel & die Party Piraten"
Cast off, on to board, on to the new pirate fairy tale musical by Andrew ... (Photo: Nik Hunger)
The new publishing program map from GrossenGadenVerlag with all of Andrew's products ...
Our Easter promotion in the webshop not only melts the snowmen, but also our prices for four days.
We have a new delivery partner in Germany with WebJazz GmbH ...
Concert by the Zurich Chamber Orchestra with Andrew in the Tonhalle; Spring 2016
Andrew has written a new Singspiel for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation
Full of Tom dreamer fever - even on vacation in England
Engaged in music and choir from a young age.
England: Andrew's second home and the place where most of the compositions are made.
Kimpese / Congo: Our last aid container has arrived - to the delight of the little ones.
Kids On Ice 2016: Photo shoot with Sarah Meier, Ariella Käslin and the kids.
Kids on Ice 2016 photo shoot: Two ice princesses and one ice prince.
I love cinnamon buns: Once again, Andrew's first CD made it into the top 50 Swiss music CDs in the run-up to Christmas.
Sing Along * Wienacht 2015: Once again, all six Sing Along * concerts in Horgen were sold out. We wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Sing along * Wienacht 2015: The shepherds are once again the focus in the program “Die Letscht als Eerschti” - and of course all Andrew Christmas classics.
The question about James Bond keeps coming up: Yes, there is a James Bond.

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