What is a tea bag made of?

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15. What material are our new tea bags made of?

Sustainable, resource-saving and degradable packs are very important to us. We have therefore worked intensively with our processor to increase the cellulose content in the filter paper and also to work towards industrial compostability. It has now succeeded! The cellulose content is even higher in the new filter paper. In addition, it is now industrially compostable according to DIN EN 13432.

In concrete terms this means:


The filter paper for our new tea bags is unbleached and consists mainly of natural and FSC-certified cellulose fibers, for example the abaca plant (plant species of the banana genus native to East Asia). In addition, a small amount (less than one percent) of a synthetic wet strength agent is added to prevent the paper from disintegrating in hot water. The paper is not heat-sealable; i.e. it is not welded with plastic additives. Instead, the bag is folded several times and knotted at the top. This means that we can also do without metal clips.

The organic cotton thread is also industrially compostable according to EU standard EN 13432. This does not apply to the thread label because it contains non-compostable colors and adhesives.

The new tea bags have been in production since November 4th. They can be recognized by their best before date (BBD) on or after October 28, 2022.

Since waste disposal companies are not yet able to compost industrially across the board, we recommend that you dispose of the entire tea bag in the residual waste bin for the time being.