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Thread name should say pretty much everything. We discuss who is the strongest known jonin and argue our choice. Ranking lists are also allowed. I should only define the term jonin:

It's all about Shinobi, who serve one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries (so no Rogue Ninja) and currently have the status of a Jōnin.

To make it even easier for you, I'll even write down a list of all the people up for discussion. Not only because it's the weekend and I have some free time, but also so that you know which Jōnin will have enough skills information.
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Darui
  • Kitsuchi
  • C.
  • Chōjūrō (presumably)
  • Asuma Sarutobi
  • Kurenai Yūhi
  • Might Guy
  • Kankurō
  • Temari
  • Yugito Nii (only up to a tail)
  • Killer B (only up to a tail)
  • Kurotsuchi (presumably)
  • Torune (presumably)
  • Fū (presumably, Konohagakure)
  • Akatsuchi
  • Neji Hyūga
  • Dodai
  • Jiraiya
  • Kinkaku / Ginkaku / both as a team (without metamorphoses)
  • Chiyo
  • Hanzo
  • Zabuza Momochi
Don't forget anyone?
In the first place I see Jiraiya, because of his very large and strong arsenal of Ninjutsu and of course Senjutsu, several types of element manipulation, incantations, knowledge and experience and quite a lot of Jutsu "for every case". Take a look at his jutsu list, it's gigantic. His stamina is also impressive. There are many testaments of his strength and he remains one of the strongest characters still standing among the crowd of people who are only equal to each other.

In second place for me is my favorite character, Kakashi Hatake. Also a huge number of Ninjutsu and has aggressively increased enormously in the second part with some high-grade Lighting Release Ninjutsu, masters two (in the anime three) other forms of element manipulation, incantations, is very strong in Taijutsu, masters genjutsu on a level worth mentioning (in contrast to many other people), smart, fast and, to top it all off, has the Sharingan, which he can also use for Kamui, which is just as overpowered and stupid as Amaterasu. A real all-rounder.
Almost on a par with him is Might Guy, who with the Eight Inner Gates is clearly superior in raw strength, but fights very one-dimensional and is only dependent on Taijutsu.

Other candidates for the title ...? Kurotsuchi has a certain variety when it comes to ranged combat, but this is where their skills mostly end. Nevertheless, it is strong. Kitsuchi is clearly superior to her, since he was also elected as division head and is more suitable for me with his strong Taijutsu and the brute force of his strongest Ninjutsu. Darui demonstrates all-rounder skills, but he lacks genjutsu in contrast to Kakashi and in the end he is more of a fighter only at medium distance, but demonstrates both versatility and penetration. Akatsuchi didn't and shouldn't really impress anyone. He's an average shinobi, maybe even below average, but liep.

Dodai and Temari are more of the support types, but the latter is already one of the stronger Jōnin. It can cover large areas, its destructive power is quite brute when with kuchiyose, but it lacks variety of attacks. You could give her and her brother, as well as Darui minus points, for not being able to break through the plot shield called Susanoo with some of their strongest attacks, but that probably shows the defensive strength of the latter rather than their weakness. Or maybe yes. About Kankurō, by the way: he has a lot of potential, which you can see in his rapid development and development of new attack methods and he probably belongs to the upper half of the Jōnin with his tricky attacks based on poison and weapons and several dolls. However, not a title contender.

Then there are the two people from Anbu-Ne. Undoubtedly nice and strong skills, which were probably not developed further due to a lack of screen time. Some good ninjutsu and relatively good taijutsu are not enough for the title here. The Konoha-Jōnin couple did two main things during the plot: get hit by their own jutsu and lose. Asuma Sarutobi symbolizes to me the average jonin next door, despite his title as one of the Twelve Feudal Guards. Some taijutsu, tactical skills and two elements should be what someone in his class can do on average. He is not entirely weak, Hidan is a bad opponent for a melee. With Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique, Asuma could theoretically have drawn a draw back then if he had blown Hidan's upper body to pieces. Kurenai shouldn't be left standing there entirely as a loser: she is a good mother and ... yes ... and has demonstrated a genjutsu with which one can switch off a whole group after finger signals have been performed. Kisame Hoshigaki could never have solved it. In theory, she could have defeated many opponents with this. Neji Hyūga has tons of potential, but like all the people of the Konoha Elf, he can play a good extra after the time jump. We can discuss whether he could defeat him or her now and he could, but he's not a title contender.

Then there are the jinchuriki. We only discuss their skills up to a tail. Killer B's kenjutsu really isn't bad, as is his taijutsu, speed and physical strength, but that's where his offensive skills stop. He's not completely underexposed, but his strategic ability is clearly below average. But his Tailed Beast helps him here, just like with genjutsu. In my opinion he is a candidate, but his offensive skills are rather monotonous despite their undoubted strength - taijutsu, kenjutsu (hardly counteractable), some speed and endurance, as well as the help of tentacles. Still, all of this makes Killer B a possible candidate.

The other people ... From Utakata we saw exactly one jutsu without fillers and with fillers a lot of jutsu are just ridiculous. I wrote it down, but I would have loved not to. We don't know much about Rōshi either, but his Lava Release Armor and Scorching Steam Rock Technique are arguments. We have seen Yugito Nii alive and have an idea of ​​the approach and personality. It was probably a bold plot that Hidan got her blood after the transformation. She has demonstrated a decent level of Taijutsu and Killer B is about on par with her Claw Creation Technique or whatever she uses. The Mouse Hairball is arguably a high-profile Fire Release ninjutsu, the only one of its kind that also follows its victims. Nice thing.

Well, that was probably all ... Now you asked.

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