How often do you fertilize grass

Fertilize the lawn

Fertilize the lawn - but please do it correctly!

In the first step, you have laid out your lawn with a lot of love and effort. Now you should care for your new lawn with just as much dedication;) In addition to the weekly cut, you should also keep yours on a regular basis Fertilize the lawn. This is the only way you can enjoy the green grass for a long time!

In the following we would like to describe to you how “fertilizing the lawn” is done correctly. In addition to the right time, the right fertilizer is also important - because not every lawn needs the same fertilizer.

When and how often should you fertilize the lawn?

With normal loads (e.g. in the private garden) you should fertilize the lawn twice a year. The first fertilization takes place in spring (April). This supports the lawn in its renewed growth after the winter. In summer (July) you should fertilize the lawn for the second time.

However, if the lawn is more stressed, it will thank you when you fertilize a third time. Even lawns that are in the shade should be fertilized three times a year. For example, it could look like this: April - June - August.

To strengthen the grass for the winter, you can also fertilize the lawn again in October. You should use a special fertilizer (with a high potassium content) for this.

What should you fertilize the lawn with?

In order to achieve beautiful, even growth, you should definitely use a special lawn fertilizer * deploy! These are precisely tailored to the “needs” of the grass. Under no circumstances should you use the wrong fertilizer (e.g. flower fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, etc.).

Fertilize your lawn - these are the nutrients your lawn needs

Why should you only use special lawn fertilizers?

Using the wrong fertilizer can have a negative impact on your lawn. We have listed the most important reasons against using the wrong fertilizer:

  • the effect dissipates too quickly, i.e. there is no long-term effect
  • the lawn receives the wrong nutrient mix
  • the grasses grow up too quickly. This means that the maintenance effort increases significantly (more frequent mowing)
  • the dense growth is not encouraged
  • Pollution of the groundwater through nitrate leaching (e.g. when it rains)

How should I fertilize my lawn?

The most important thing when fertilizing the lawn: Distribute the lawn fertilizer evenly over the entire lawn area. Otherwise, ugly stains can quickly appear on the lawn. Since this can be very difficult - especially at the beginning - you should do this with a spreader * or a hand spreader *. Here you can use the same device that you used to lay out the lawn.

How Much Fertilizer Should I Take?

Pay attention to the description on the package. It is best to stick to the specified amount - this is the only way to achieve optimal results. As a rule of thumb, however, you can take around 25 - 30 grams per square meter of lawn.