Can you suggest a better career option

How can I change my career path to better align myself with my career goals? [closed]


It's hard to know what you want at 30 so I wouldn't speed it up if I were you.

If you think you might be interested in management later on, you're actually in a pretty good position. By participating in process management, you gain broad access to the inner workings of business activities. This is something that is rarely available to most employees, even managers. This understanding naturally leads to later management work.

If you are interested in engineering work, ask yourself why. If the purity of development is what you enjoy then give it a try and browse the free resources to get your hands on. BUT always remember to ask yourself why, because too many people choose the technical road for the wrong reasons. Trust me, if you want to change the world with software, it's almost always cheaper and better to get hired help ...

If you're not sure, I'd say relax, go with what you're doing, and see where it naturally leads you. 30 isn't old if you are thinking about life-long choices, at least it isn't old enough to make you make choices.


This is a good question: why do I want to take on a technical role? The answer is no, I don't want to get into the technical role any more than what the technical role can lead to. Do I want to sit and program codes all day every day? Not really. However, the technical role is the building block of any organization. You need them to create things that serve a specific business function.


When I get involved in a technical role, I can move up the chain in a leadership position and the end result is that I can coordinate the building block to shape useful business functions. Clear tangible business results - a clear sense of achievement. However, without being one of the building blocks first, one cannot understand enough to tailor them to a desired outcome.


At the end of the day, it's always an understanding of the processes and business needs that drive change. Technical skills are only a means to an end, nothing more. It often has to be good enough to allow for proper coordination. While better technical skills help, it would put the horse in front of the cart.

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@Permas - "It's hard to know what you want when you are 30". At 18, they told us the same thing. When is it ever Not hard to know what you want;)


@ jmort253, haha, now that's not the truth!