China blacklisted Google

USA blacklisted 77 Chinese companies

Trump is cementing his tough policy towards China before his rival Joe Biden takes office. The list now includes 275 companies.

Washington / Vienna. The US is blacklisting dozens of other Chinese companies from the Department of Commerce. This also includes the country's largest chip manufacturer, Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Smic), said Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross in a TV interview on Friday. The move is considered a further measure by the outgoing US President Donald Trump to cement his tough trade policy towards China before his challenger Joe Biden takes office in January.

Ross spoke of 77 other companies and subsidiaries on the Fox broadcaster, the list grows to over 275 companies. The Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the US to end the “unjustified” crackdown on Chinese companies. The US government often uses the blacklist to target Chinese industries. The measures against the network providers Huawei and ZTE for violating sanctions and against the surveillance camera provider Hik-Vision for suppressing the Uyghur minority made for a particularly large number of headlines.

Those who are blacklisted by the Department of Commerce require special licenses in order to be able to obtain products from US suppliers. Smic is heavily dependent on the USA. Ross justified the step with wanting to keep Smic away from "modern US technology". (APA / Reuters / red.)

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