How does this Minecraft

Character traits

Regeneration of with full food bar (9x)
Degeneration of if the food bar is empty (0x)
Normal poisoningfor 10.5s total time
Spider venom
Easy up
Normal to
Hard to death
Sprinting is a way to run faster. The player moves at 5.6 m / s, which is about 30% percent faster than the normal walking speed of 4.3 m / s. When sprinting, the player can jump three blocks horizontally, vertically it stays the same distance.
For sprinting, the food meter must be at least (3) have bars. However, the food bars decrease (0.5) per 40 meters or 7 seconds. Furthermore, particles come from the block below the player.
Sprinting ends when the player collides with a solid block or takes a slowing action such as sneaking or blocking. Attacking NPCs stops sprinting, but removing blocks does not. The player can use the "Left" and "Right" buttons (default: A and D) to change direction and sprint through four blocks of fire before it burns.
The player crouches while the left shift key (standard) is pressed. The crouching prevents the player from falling off edges. This makes it possible to look over the edge. You do not fall down while crouching on the edge of a block.
The player moves more slowly.
There is no noise when walking in crouch mode.
The player cannot fall over edges.
Stairs and steps cannot be walked up, but down.
The player cannot walk from one block of Soul Sand to another block even if they are on the same level
Harvest will not be trampled underfoot.
The player gets stuck on ladders at the point.
Blocking is performed when the player holds the right mouse button while holding a sword. Thus attacks, arrows and explosions are blocked. Blocked attacks do half as much damage. Blocking works with any sword; the effect does not change with the durability of the sword.
Damage can be avoided by wearing armor. The armor worn determines the inhibition of damage. The following diagram shows the amount of damage with the armor worn at a distance from the source of damage (e.g. TNT).

Eating, increasing the food bar

Height of fall
Fall damage:

; 0≤y≤10
; x> 23 y-> ∞


NPCs (non-player characters) are characters that are not controlled by the player. There are different types of peaceful or aggressive beings. Like the character, these suffer damage from environmental influences. Some NPCs drop items.

Life of NPC

day and night
; 4≤y≤15
; y <4 -> 4
; y> 15 -> 15
; x ... time in min
Conversions of in-game time to actual time
1 Minecraft day = 10 minutes (day) + 1.5 minutes (sunset) + 7 minutes (night) + 1.5 minutes (sunrise) = 20 minutes of game time
1 Minecraft hour = 50 seconds of game time
1 Minecraft week = 2 and 1/3 hours of game time
1 month of Minecraft ≈ 10 hours of game time
1 Minecraft year ≈ 5 days of game time
Conversions of the actual time in the game
1 hour game time ≈ 3 Minecraft days.
1 day of game time ≈ 72 Minecraft days.
1 week of game time ≈ 1.4 Minecraft years, ≈ 16 Minecraft months, ≈ 72 Minecraft weeks, ≈ 500 Minecraft days
1 month of game time ≈ 6 Minecraft years, ≈ 72 Minecraft months, ≈ 310 Minecraft weeks, ≈ 2200 Minecraft days
1 year of playtime ≈ 72 Minecraft years, ≈ 860 Minecraft months, ≈ 3800 Minecraft weeks, ≈ 26,000 Minecraft days

Upper limit
Y = 128
The height is the number of levels in the game. It begins on the Bedrock level at height zero (Y = 0). The sea level is on level 64 and the highest placeable block is on level 127.
If you press the F3 key in the game, the current coordinates of the player are displayed. Please note that the displayed Y-coordinate refers to the eye level of the player and is therefore 1.6 blocks / levels higher. If the player is at sea level at Y-coordinate 64, a Y-coordinate of 65.6 is displayed.
raw materials
127> Y> 64
Sea level
Y = 64
raw materials
64> Y> 0
Y = 0

Natural resources such as ores, coal, precious stones as well as earth, sand or water and lava are limited to certain levels. For example, diamonds can only be found from a certain depth.