How much does FIFA 20

Buy FIFA 20: Check Amazon offers from 20 euros

FIFA 20 is a must-have for virtual soccer players. Current gameplay changes for online leagues and competitions must be practiced and studied; alternatively, you will be won over by the significantly greater online activity and thus the higher fun factor compared to predecessors or competitors. The soccer game by Electronic Arts or EA Sports has been on the market since September 2019. It will take until autumn this year. What is the price of the current offshoot?

Amazon has offers starting at around 20 euros for Origin codes for PC, the PS4 disc and download codes for Xbox One. Codes are digital license keys that are immediately available after purchase. These activate the download for FIFA 20 in EA's Origin client or, if necessary, in the Microsoft or Playstation store.

Then you can download, set up and play FIFA 20. The code (PC) currently costs only 19.99 euros. The standard edition is sold at this price. In comparison, other providers are currently (8:35 am) no cheaper, the prices as a "code in a box" shipping offer are at least 28 euros including postage. FIFA 20 (PC) is only cheaper at dedicated key shops such as However, the price may vary depending on the payment method.

FIFA 20 for PS4 and Xbox One

For FIFA 20, the PC is not necessarily the platform with the largest player base. Especially PS4 and of course Xbox One are popular and much more relevant with fans. Where are the cheapest prices for console gamers?

If you want to buy FIFA 20 for PS4, you currently pay 19.99 euros. The price is available on Amazon and applies to the welded Blu-ray. The next comparison price is 2 to 5 euros higher, depending on the trustworthiness of the available shops in various price comparisons. At Media Markt and Saturn, for example, the same postage of almost three euros each ensures that Amazom passes the price comparison. Of course, it doesn't matter if you have a corresponding store nearby and can pick up an order.

Buy NowFIFA 20 - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4]
15,14 €

According to price comparisons, Amazon also has the current best price for Xbox One at 19.99 euros. For the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 20 you pay only 29.99 euros. This contains a total of 24 gold packs, an icon loaner and additional jerseys - so additional virtual content. With shipping costs calculated, Amazon is currently pulling away from equally cheap competitors. Media Markt and Saturn should again be mentioned.

Buy NowFIFA 20 - Standard Edition - [Xbox One]

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