Is Captain America immortal

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Info about Captain America
Publishing company: Marvel (© Marvel Characters, Inc.)

Surname: Captain America

Right name: Steven Rogers

Nickname (s): Cap

First appearance: Captain America Comics No. 1 (March 1941)

Creator: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

Super skills: His physical strength, endurance and reactions are enhanced by a serum developed by the military. With additional training he also becomes an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.

Group memberships: Avengers (The Avengers)

Weapons: His "almost" indestructible shield made of an adamantium-vibranium alloy

Origin of the name: The character Captain America is an American patriot through and through. It was conceived as a propaganda campaign in WW II against the Nazis.

Curriculum vitae: Steven Rogers is retired from the military because he is not physically fit for military service. For this reason he puts himself at the disposal of a scientific experiment. A serum is tested on him, which maximizes his physical strength, reflexes and endurance. The Nazis who found out about this serum murder the scientist responsible. This also means that the formula is lost and Rogers remains the only "super soldier" due to said serum.

Cap, as he is called by his fans, initially fights against Nazis and saboteurs, true to his intended use "Propaganda means against the Nazis in WW II". The stories are simply written food, good versus evil. The series was initially discontinued in 1950. He was not resurrected until ten years later. His long absence was explained by the fact that he was "frozen" in an iceberg and was thawed again.

As a member of the superhero team "The Avengers" (The Avengers), he fought alongside Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and Hulk for justice.

Captain America in the movie:

In 1991, Captain America was made into a film under the direction of Albert Pyun. The main role was played by Matt Salinger.


Copyright © 2011 Paramount Pictures
Captain America - The First Avenger was released in theaters in 2011. US actor Chris Evans took on the role of the cap.

Copyright notice: All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness (es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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