Why are you lying for Trump

He says, "There is no screening for refugees coming to the US." That's not true. He says: The Orlando assassin was "born an Afghan". Not correct. He says: Hillary Clinton wants to bring "hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East" to the USA. Nonsense. Is everything wrong.

Donald Trump said so, just now in his speech after the terrorist attack in Orlando. Donald Trump is lying. All the time.

The independent Politifact side is checking statements made by US presidential candidates for their truthfulness. The result for the Republican Trump: 76 percent of his statements were a lie. Only two percent of the tested statements are true. His opponent Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side has a "lie" value of 27 percent.

But what does that mean? Don't all politicians lie? Truth is often used strategically in an area that involves persuading, influencing, and asserting yourself. The tactical use of lies is part of the political business like the tactical foul is part of football. It's not nice, but it's part of the game.

In the election campaign in particular, everyone tries to interpret the facts in their own way or to sharpen things. Every candidate knows: Only a minority of the millions of voters who, for example, have watched a TV debate read the fact-checker rectification. The range of political untruths is wide. Depending on the definition, it ranges from glossing over the art of omission, distraction, spreading rumors and distorting facts to explicit lies. The tactical lie for a higher end can be a legitimate means. For example, when a government denies having paid ransom for hostages to prevent possible acts of copycat.

New dimension of the lie

But what about the tactical lie that serves nothing other than its own purpose? Trump's lies only serve himself. What the billionaire lies together has a whole new dimension. It's not about window dressing, bluffing, hypocrisy. It is about pathological lying as an instrument for gaining power.

Trump lies so persistently that it is not clear whether he is even aware of his lies. Or whether he just doesn't care that, for example, he tells two completely different stories about the same fact in two interviews that are only minutes apart.