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Learn to draw feet and shoes

This article is about learning to draw feet and shoes. Here are some sample images and step-by-step instructions.

Draw feet

Also Feet have their proportions. For example, the inner ankle is higher than the outer one. But in general it is drawing from Feet not quite as difficult as that of hands. Here, too, it is worth reducing to simple geometric shapes.

Since the feet are mostly from Shoes are covered, they can also be represented in a very simplified way and do not have to emphasize every bone.

Here I show you how you learn to draw feet.

Drawings of a foot from the front and from the side in four angles.

Position of the ankles on the left and right feet. In the front view you can see how the ankles and toes are arranged on the foot.

Jump: feet in the air

Drawing a woman jumping and her feet and legs in the air.

Feet crossed

Cross over woman's feet sample drawings.

One foot at an angle from above

Sketch and drawings of a woman's foot at an angle from above - sketch, drawing and shading.

Foot and leg from the side

The drawn leg and foot of a woman - from the side.

Draw the soles of your feet

Feet drawn viewed from below (sketch and next to it the worked-out example image).

Legs and feet lying down

A woman lying on her stomach drawing with one leg outstretched and the other in the air.

Draw baby feet from below

Drawing of a baby's foot from below (sole of a toddler's foot).

Baby feet in the air

Draw baby kicking feet in the air.

Draw shoes

The proportions of the foot are indicated in a shoe. The foot in a shoe when you stand on tiptoe - the toes should not be drawn too tightly, but also not too long.

Drawing sandals

Example drawing of a woman's foot in a chic sandal - sketch with basic shapes, basic drawing with rough details and drawing with worked out details.

Drawing stilettos

Sketch and drawing of donned stilettos with free toes.

Draw pumps

Draw high heels / pumps - the back foot is in the air.

Boots from the front

Sketch, drawing and shading: high boots and legs viewed from the front.

Draw boots from the side

Drawing sexy legs in high boots - sample pictures.


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