Where can I resell my unused medication

What to do with the old drugs?

First of all, some good news: most drugs have a stable effect for many years, provided that they are stored correctly. For example, they should be stored away from heat and moisture. In the bathroom and in the kitchen - especially in small rooms - heat and moisture can accumulate, so that these frequently used storage locations for medicines are not suitable.

When the expiration date has passed

It is advisable to inspect the medicine cabinet once a year and to sort out the expired medication. Even preparations whose color or smell has changed, as well as those with externally visible defects, for example cracks, should be disposed of.

Under no circumstances should medication be poured down the toilet or sink, as this leads to avoidable pollution of the sewage and the environment. For the same reason, one should refrain from rinsing glass containers that contain drug residues. This also puts a strain on the water cycle. According to a survey by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), 20 percent of those surveyed stated that they also dispose of drugs in the wastewater.

Disposal via pharmacy and recycling center

Proper disposal via the pharmacy is preferable. The Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations advises consumers to dispose of old medication through the pharmacy, even if this is only a service provided by the pharmacy and customers have no legal entitlement to it.

Recycling centers and mobile homes also dispose of medication free of charge. It is important that the medication rubbish does not get into the hands of unauthorized persons or playing children.

Disposal in household waste

The State Chamber of Pharmacists in Baden-W├╝rttemberg recommends disposal with the residual waste. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, disposal in the residual waste is a safe and environmentally friendly way of disposing of old medicinal products, provided that the package insert for a medicinal product does not contain any special instructions for disposal.

Cancer drugs (cytostatics), for example, do not belong in the residual waste bin. Consumers should ask doctors or pharmacists how to dispose of them if this is not noted on the package insert.