Why are smartphone prices rising continuously?

Right? The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 should rise

Are the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 rising?
Image: teltarif.de We have a press release - key message: The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 are rising. We wanted to investigate. So we checked two price comparators to see if the retailer was right.

But first: Why should prices actually rise? The online shop 7Mobile writes in its press release: "In the past six weeks, retailer discounts and advertising subsidies have been cut.

Are the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 rising?
Image: teltarif.de But is it really true that the prices of the two smartphones are rising? We started looking for data on price developments on the Internet. We consulted the price comparison sites Evendi and Idealo as well as the online shop Alternate. The latter because it gives an insight into the price development of its products. We focused on the S3 and S4 models with 16 GB. The price comparison data naturally shows the lowest price at the time - so other retailers can always have the cheapest offers.

Situation: According to price comparison portals, the price of the S3 is increasing

We started with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The price comparison company Evendi shows, for example, that the lowest price of the now two-year-old smartphone has recently increased. At the beginning of May Evendi was apparently at a price of less than 200 euros - now the cheapest price is 239 euros. In many online shops, the Samsung Galaxy S3 even costs more than 260 euros. This finding is also confirmed with Idealo - the numbers and time periods are almost identical here.

Evendi - Price development of the Samsung Galaxy S3
Screenshot: teltarif.de A look at the development at Alternate: There the data can be traced back to March. Back then, as it is today, the price was around 280 euros. In the meantime, the price of the S3 fell to less than 220 euros. The (local) low was between the beginning and the middle of April. Since then, the price at Alternate has risen continuously.

The situation with the Galaxy S4 is not quite as clear

While our research confirms the numbers from the online retailer in the case of the Galaxy S3, the situation is somewhat different for the Galaxy S4. We cannot read a very clear trend here - which is also due to the fundamentally higher price range of the Galaxy S4. There are 20 or 30 euros less important - in relation to the total price. But in order:

Alternate - price development of the Samsung Galaxy S4
Screenshot: teltarif.de Our first stop is Evendi again. Here the price trend is slightly up: At the beginning of May Evendi shows a price of 320 euros, which rose in steps to 355 euros by the end of May. In the meantime, the price has fallen back to below 340 euros. This trend can also be seen at Idealo: between mid-April and mid-May, our second comparison portal shows prices of around 300 euros with brief upward interruptions. After that, the costs rise to just under 330 euros. Idealo shows the price development since the end of March. During this period, the prices of the S4 have generally fallen - only recently have they risen slightly again.

With Alternate, the price for a Galaxy S4 between March and the beginning of May was almost consistently at 379 euros. Since then, the price has also risen here - to currently 409 euros. The 32 GB version is interesting at this retailer: The price has been falling continuously since mid-March - from just over 500 euros to 429 euros.

In fact: the price curve is currently going up

Our results show: In fact, the prices for the S3 and S4 currently seem to be increasing. The Galaxy S3 is now 40 to 60 euros more expensive than a month ago. In contrast, the price level of the S4 has only increased slightly by around 20 euros.

Idealo - Price development of the Samsung Galaxy S4
Screenshot: teltarif.de But how advisable is the online retailer's tip to buy an S3 or S4 as soon as possible? Well, 7Mobile itself has quite high prices for the two old smartphones: The S3 costs 254 euros there, the S4 even 380 euros - there are significantly cheaper offers. But if the information from 7Mobile is correct that Samsung is canceling dealer discounts, prices should not fall any further for the time being - maybe even rise further.

But whether it is really worthwhile to buy in times of rising prices, just because the prices could be even higher, everyone has to decide for themselves. In the long run, however, falling prices are to be expected for both smartphones - even if only because of special discounts and promotional prices at individual retailers.

We have included screenshots of the price developments for Alternate, Idealo and Evendi in the picture gallery - for both the S3 and the S4, of course.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4: Still performance suitable for everyday use

Without a doubt, these are two very good smartphones that are still equipped for most everyday tasks. In this respect, both smartphones are still good alternatives for a new purchase. The Galaxy S3 will hardly receive any Android updates any more.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 performed very well in our tests.