Is CFP helpful to an insurance advisor


Cover risks such as occupational disability
The desire for security has existed as long as we humans do. Many would like to protect themselves against the risk of occupational disability, for example, because the state disability pension can hardly compensate for the loss of income after an accident or serious illness, as the following video clearly shows.

The occupational disability insurance is available in many variants, at different prices, with different performance promises and various tax effects. Protection is therefore fundamentally important, as wealth accumulation is inextricably linked to protection. The disadvantage: Any protection, e.g. B. insurance against occupational disability, but also every car insurance costs money and thus in turn limits your consumption options.

This is where we can help you as an insurance broker approved by the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce, as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and as a long-term lecturer at DHBW Stuttgart. Because we analyze your individual situation and then talk about potential risks and their adequate protection options. Then we set priorities together and finally find the concepts for the respective areas that offer the best price / performance ratio for you.

The result can then e.g. For example, you might want personal liability insurance, accident insurance, occupational disability insurance and cheap car insurance. That, for reasons of cost, you will initially forego home contents insurance, legal protection insurance and dread disease insurance.

The following film clearly explains the difference between the statutory disability pension and private disability insurance.

Personal liability insurance is essential
According to the judgments of Stiftung Warentest and Finanztest, private liability is essential for every private person. Because private liability insurance protects you and your assets from - justified or unjustified - claims for damages by third parties. If you cause damage to another person intentionally or negligently, you must compensate the other person for the damage in accordance with ยง 823 BGB. Example: You are carelessly crossing the street in your mind, an approaching car tries to avoid you but drives into oncoming traffic.

A private liability insurance should have an insured sum of at least EUR 5-10 million, offer insurance cover for the entire family and include bad debt cover including intentional acts by third parties. Then you can get compensation from your own personal liability insurance that a third party inflicts on you, but who has no assets of his own. So pay attention to the performance promises in the case of private liability and, if in doubt, pay 5 euros more per year for this.

Statutory accident insurance is not sufficient
Private accident insurance, on the other hand, is sometimes controversial, especially among consumer advocates. But wrongly, if you look for the right accident rate from the right provider. Because the statutory accident insurance is a partial coverage, as it mainly pays for accidents during working hours and on the direct way to work and home.

Private accident insurance, on the other hand, usually pays out 24 hours a day worldwide, regardless of whether you fall and seriously injure yourself during your lunch break or skiing. The maximum disability benefit should be around EUR 300 thousand. In its magazine Finanztest 12/2011, Stiftung Warentest even recommended EUR 500 thousand. However, in addition to the sum insured, you should also pay particular attention to good insurance conditions; this is more important than the insurance premium, even with accident insurance. And for around 100-200 euros per year, you can already get very high-quality protection.

It pays to compare car insurance
Most customers regularly review car insurance at the end of the year and compare it with other providers. Car insurance, which can consist of the components liability, partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive, has a strong premium in terms of premiums. Ergo, one is trying to save a few euros here. Indeed, by comparing different providers, you can save a lot of money in car insurance without having to forego benefits.

Test results such as those in Finanztest 11/2013 are also helpful, although unfortunately there is not a sufficient distinction here between avalanches and roof avalanches. While very few will experience in their life that a snow avalanche buries their car, a roof avalanche that falls on your car in the middle of Stuttgart is not uncommon. Many car insurances now cover avalanches as part of partial coverage, but not roof avalanches. A good car insurance should also cover collisions with animals of all kinds (not just hairy game) or consequential damage in the event of animal bites. Attention with workshop loyalty, also known as workshop management: even if there is a stone chip in the windshield, you are only allowed to bring your car to the workshop specified by the insurer.

As Academic Finance GbR, we are firmly convinced that all insurance products, regardless of whether it is car insurance, household contents insurance or personal liability insurance, always require explanation. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, e.g. B. on individual products. And please make an appointment for a personal or telephone consultation with us if you need or prefer a holistic, individual consultation. In this case, please never conclude online, but send us a contact request.