What are track and clicks

Track clicks with value tracking

With the help of the Value-Track function, tracking values ​​are attached to the landing page URLs of AdWords ads. This collects additional data about the visitor sources and the clicks on the ads. The value track function is particularly useful in conjunction with tracking software (e.g. Google Analytics), as it provides important data for analyzing the performance of certain campaigns.

This is how value track works

  • Adding a Value Tack parameter to the landing page URL of an AdWords ad.
  • Value-Track collects the desired information via the URL when a user clicks on the ad.
  • The information can then be called up via the tracking software used and is incorporated into the analysis of the AdWords campaigns.

Use of URL parameters

The URL parameters of Change Value-Track are dynamic and adapt to the properties of the ads at the time of the click. The parameters are text modules that are placed in curly brackets and inserted into the target URL.


It should be shown which keyword option triggered an ad. For this purpose, the value track parameter {matchtype} is inserted in the target URL. In the tracking software, instead of the {matchtype} parameter, the value “b” (“broad” or “largely suitable”), “p” (“phrase” or “group of words”) or “e” saved by Value Track is used ("Exact" or "exactly matching") is displayed.

This data is used to draw conclusions about the degree of correspondence between the keyword set and search queries. The higher the proportion of “broad” or “largely matching” URL parameters, the lower the degree of thematic correspondence between the search query and the booked keyword. In such a case, there could be a need for optimization with regard to the corresponding advertising goals.

Other possible uses

Depending on the advertising goal, Value Track can be used to collect additional information on the performance of ads and keywords and then evaluate them. For example, websites in the Google Display Network can be identified on which the most hits could be achieved or ads and keywords can be determined via which the most clicks could be generated.