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Data analysis with Stata

A data analysis with Stata is often complicated to implement due to the large range of functions. Many users need help in dealing with Stata. A data analysis with Stata is often complicated to implement due to the large range of functions. In addition, Stata is a very cost-intensive program for statistical analysis, whereby the license fees for a one-time use are very high. We are happy to help you as a full-service provider from planning to analysis to the interpretation of your data. We can also offer you statistic stata tuition in the sense of individual advice and the possibility of getting help in the context of a statistical analysis.

Our team of over 50 highly qualified statisticians is well versed in implementing data analysis with Stata and will be happy to help you.

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  • What is a stata evaluation?

    Stata is a paid statistics tool. Almost all statistical functions are available in Stata, whether descriptive statistics, regression or multivariate analysis, time series, cluster or Bayesian analysis, simulations, survey evaluation or calculation of statistical significance. Like a programming language, the static data analysis with Stata also allows loops, if queries and branches in the calculation. The program has extensive functionalities for a wide variety of statistical applications: for economics, biostatistics, medicine, finance, politics and sociology.
    Stata can be controlled via the command line, command file (with extension .do) or via the menu. The commands always have the same syntax:

    . [by varlist1:] Command [varlist2] [weight] [if exp] [in ##] [using file] [, options]

    Operation via the menu is, however, more intuitive and easier to learn.
    Stata has several windows:

    • The results window with all the results of the evaluations and the error messages is located in the center.
    • Below is the command line (command window) in which the user enters his commands.
    • The review window on the left logs all previously entered commands.
    • A fourth window also shows all the variables in the data.
    • The data can also be displayed in a table in a new window and edited manually.

    Functionality of Stata

    The functionalities of Stata include data management, statistics and graphical representations. The graphics contain the common ones such as x-y diagram, bar diagram and histogram, pie diagram, curve smoothing and regression as well as the combination of several graphics.

    The data can also be manipulated in a variety of ways, for example summarized, recoded, sorted, combined, filtered.
    Stata can also be expanded to include additional functionalities through statistical programming. The import and export not only of data, but also of printable tables and figures in other programs and formats is possible.

    This includes the import and export of data in formats such as Microsoft Excel and CSV, XML and Ascii format, SQL and ODBC. Tables in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or LaTeX format can also be exported so that they can be included in a publication. The created graphics can also be exported in various formats such as tiff, png, pdf, PostScript, EPS, Windows Metafile or Microsoft Excel format.

    Stata remains high-performance even with large amounts of data and is therefore suitable for big data mining.

    If you need support or help with a data analysis with Stata, our statisticians will be happy to help you. Simply use our contact form for a free consultation and a non-binding offer - or give us a call.

    Data analysis with Stata: how can I learn?

    Because of the huge number of functionalities of this statistics tool and its special command syntax, it is advisable to learn how to use it systematically or to get help from experts.

    Numerous learning videos about Stata are by no means to be found on YouTube. You can also find a lot of English-language learning material on the website of the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education. However, the training is only worthwhile if you plan to work with this feature-rich tool on a regular basis.

    Stata help for academic staff, young researchers and doctoral candidates

    We are happy to support customers with the following services, for example:

    From our range of services

    Typical analyzes in Stata are for example:

    • Means, proportions, and related statistics, linear regression,
    • Structural equation modeling (SEM),
    • ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, Generalized linear models,
    • Binary-outcome qualitative dependent-variable models,
    • ROC analysis, Conditional logistic regression, Fractional-outcome dependent-variable models,
    • Multiple-outcome qualitative dependent-variable models, item response theory, count dependent-variable models, exact estimators,
    • Linear regression with heteroskedastic errors, stochastic frontier models, regression with systems of equations, models with endogenous sample selection,
    • Models with time-series data, Panel-data models, Linear regression with panel data, Censored linear regression with panel data, Generalized linear models with panel data, Qualitative dependent-variable models with panel data, Count dependent-variable models with panel data, Survival models with panel data, random coefficients model with panel data,
    • Multilevel mixed-effects models,
    • Survival-time (failure-time) models, treatment-effect models,
    • Generalized method of moments (GMM), Estimation with correlated errors,
    • Survey data,
    • Multiple imputation,
    • Multivariate and cluster analysis,
    • Power and sample-size and
    • Bayesian analysis

    Novustat will be happy to support your familiarization with coaching or the creation and correction of your stata evaluation. We are happy to take over the entire data analysis with Stata for you and deliver the results in a publishable format. Depending on the type of help required in Stata, we will then be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

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