Republicans and Democrats are both corrupt

Runoff election for Senate seatsRepublicans in Georgia struggling to survive

Much is at stake. If the Republicans only keep one of the two seats in the Senate, they retain a majority in the Senate and can block all bills proposed by the Biden administration in Congress.

A month ago Georgia was clearly Republican territory. Now things could get tight for the two Republican incumbents, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler. Perdue competes against the young Democrat John Ossoff.

"The Republicans are scared. They thought this was going to be a Sunday stroll for them, and now they find themselves struggling to survive."

(picture alliance / Wolfram Steinberg)

Ossoff lost the first election with 100,000 votes. But: Under normal circumstances, the Republican Perdue would have to decide every election in conservative Georgia much more clearly for himself. There are two main reasons why this is not the case. On the one hand, the Democrats accuse the two Republican senators of having redesigned their stock portfolios accordingly shortly after their briefing on the dangers of the corona virus in February and having earned tens of thousands of dollars from their insider knowledge. The Senate Committee on Ethical Issues has not found any wrongdoing, but the Democrats keep bringing up the issue.

Dispute within the Republican Party

What is more serious at the moment, however, is that there is a row within the Republican Party in Georgia. When Trump brought up allegations of election manipulation, both David Perdue and his counterpart Kelly Loeffler rushed to emulate Trump. A piquant detail: The election was also overseen by a Republican, Secretary of State for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger. Donald Trump spoke of severe manipulation in Georgia and defamed his party friend Raffensperger.

"The Secretary of State is an enemy of the people and he has made a deal."

A deal with the Democrats to the detriment of Trump. There is no evidence of this. But the two Republican candidates dutifully demanded the resignation of their party colleague. The political goal: you wanted to ingratiate yourself with the Trump voters. A maneuver that can also backfire, according to political correspondent Emma Hurt of the NPR public broadcaster in Atlanta.

"It is confusing for Republican voters which message they want to believe."

The fate of the Biden presidency will also be decided here

Because on the one hand to call the electoral system in Georgia corrupt and on the other hand to mobilize as many voters as possible, that contradicts each other. It is estimated that up to $ 260 million will be poured into this runoff election. Other estimates go up to a billion dollars. In any case, it will be exciting, because the fate of the Biden presidency will be decided to a large extent in Georgia. The Republicans have an experienced party machine on their side, the Democrats the euphoria and a changed demographics: the electorate has become younger and more diverse, which usually favors the Democrats. There have been isolated calls from angry Trumpists on the Internet to boycott the runoff election in Georgia because the Republicans there did not do enough to prove the alleged electoral fraud. The extent to which these calls get caught can hardly be assessed. One thing is clear: if you can mobilize your voters better in the end, you will decide the race for yourself. Joe Biden won just under 13,000 votes in Georgia - out of five million voters. It will be very difficult for the Democrats to repeat that. It is not impossible.