How tender is the best sirloin steak

How to fry steak properly: tips and tricks

Frying the steak: This is how it becomes juicy and aromatic

Frying steak: It's not that easy, because it can quickly deteriorate into the sole of a shoe. If you heed our tips, you can create the perfect steak without much effort.

Roasting a steak: the right meat is what counts

The quality of the meat is of course crucial for a good steak. Buy your beef from your trusted retailer and avoid packaged cheap meat. Steaks should be well hung, the meat should be tender and soft. Nice marbling and grain are also a good sign - the fat not only gives the meat more flavor, but also more juice. So leave the edges of fat on when frying, you can always cut them off later.

Steak: It should be that thick

Don't confuse steaks with schnitzel: a good steak is at least two inches thick. Before roasting, the meat should be at room temperature, rinsed with lukewarm water and patted dry with a kitchen towel. When frying in the pan, this means that the meat immediately comes into contact with the hot fat and less meat juice can escape. A common misconception, by the way, is that the pores of the steak close here - meat has no pores, they just sit on the skin. Nevertheless, it has a positive effect on the juiciness of the steaks if the surface is quickly sealed with high heat.

Prepare steak: use suitable oil

The meat should be briefly seared well on both sides with high heat in order to preserve the important roasted aromas. But not all fats can be heated so high: Instead of olive oil, it is better to use refined rapeseed oil, special frying oil or clarified butter - all these fats have a high smoke point and are therefore ideally suited for frying at high heat.

The right pan for a juicy steak

When preparing, you should note: Just like the oil, the pan for frying should also be able to withstand high temperatures. Teflon or aluminum pans are not suitable, iron pans, on the other hand, can get very hot and keep the heat long and stable. Whether the pan should be made of cast or wrought iron is controversial and ultimately a matter of taste. Stainless steel pans are also very suitable for roasting fillet of beef and the like. Since many cook their steak in the oven, both the pans and the handles have to withstand certain temperatures. Tip:Discover our stir-fry dishes too! Please do not turn the steak with sharp objects such as a fork - skewing it opens the meat unnecessarily and allows liquid to escape. This means that there is a risk that it will become too dry later. Instead, use grill tongs!

Frying a steak: the best tips from a professional

The rule of thumb for every gourmet is:

  • Almost raw stands for "Bleu" - the meat is only seared briefly, is dark red on the inside and very juicy. In English this cooking level is also called "Very rare" designated. The core temperature is 38 degrees.
  • One minute of roast per centimeter of meat thickness makes one english, read bloody steak. The core temperature is 49 degrees.
  • At medium rare the meat is grilled to the point: it is well browned on the outside and juicy on the inside. The core temperature is around 52 degrees.
  • Who prefers it medium like, continue to fry until the piece of meat is medium-soft when you test it with your finger. The core temperature here is 57 degrees.
  • Medium well means that the steak is almost cooked through and has a strong bite. The core temperature should be 62.
  • who it well done like, the meat is completely cooked through. But of course it should still be juicy. The core temperature is a maximum of 74 degrees.

Roasting a steak properly is a matter of practice and feeling. We recommend using a meat thermometer (you can find suitable products here and here) so that you do not exceed the optimal cooking point for your steak. There are now countless intelligent variants that automatically set the correct temperature depending on the type of meat.

Tip: If you have guests, fry a sample piece with you that you can cut to check the cooking point. Professionals always ask in advance how you want your steak!

Alternatively, you can set the ideal cooking point with the Pressure test determine: All you need is a little tact. Place your thumb loosely together with different fingers of the same hand and feel the ideal firmness of the meat depending on the cooking level on the heel of your hand:

  • Bloody: Place your thumb and forefinger together and press the heel of your hand below the thumb. This is what a bloody steak should ideally feel like.
  • English: To do this, place your thumb loosely on the middle finger and now feel the ball of the hand. This is what a steak feels like when it is not cooked through but is no longer bloody.
  • Pink: Put your thumb and ring finger together. The steak has this firmness when it is soft and juicy.
  • By: Touch the fingertip of your little finger with your thumb and now feel the ball of your hand below the thumb. This is how firm a steak should feel that is well-done.

The right cooking time for the perfect steak

When your steak has reached the perfect cooking point, you should give it a short break. To do this, place the piece of meat on a plate in the oven at around 50 degrees. Practical: During this time you can take care of the rest of the recipe such as the sauce and side dishes. Use the leftover roasting in the pan as an aromatic base for a simple sauce: add onions and fry them hot, deglaze with red wine and refine the sauce with a little cream. Bring to the boil briefly, season to taste, done!

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Side dishes for the steak

A simple salad goes just as well with a freshly fried steak as hearty fried potatoes, but the type of steak always depends a little. Rosemary potatoes or vegetables go well with tender steaks. You can also serve hearty side dishes with the stronger T-bone steak, such as French fries or baked potatoes.

Tip: Try the delicious basil butter that you can make yourself to round off the taste.

You will need these utensils for the preparation

So that we can really enjoy the steak at the end, the right cutting tools have to be used during preparation. Nothing spoils the fun of eating more than tearing the piece of meat apart with a blunt knife. Therefore, invest in a set of sensible steak knives that can be used to gently cut the meat. A 12-piece set from WMF can be found here.

Serve the steak properly

Since you should take your time and enjoy the food for a high-quality steak, it is advisable to serve it on a warm plate. For example, warm up the plates in the microwave or on a hotplate - this will keep the steak warm longer.

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