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Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

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"It would be easier to plow China down with a teaspoon than to understand Gotham."
—Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne

Alfred Pennyworth is a former Marine and longtime butler for the Wayne family. He has been the guardian of their son Bruce since the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Alfred is always loyal and loyal, and he would go through fire for Bruce to save him. He is played by British actor Sean Pertwee.

He is the perfect butler, his English roots can be clearly seen in his pronunciation and behavior. He is always correct and polite, always speaks to Bruce as Master Bruce or Master Wayne, even though Bruce is still a child, and Bruce uses you on him. There is a friendly relationship between the two, and Alfred is partly a father substitute and partly a big brother, even if he sometimes turns to his fellow men for help when he doesn't know what to do next. He masters the tightrope walk between mentor, teacher, confidant, guardian and employee. Alfred has no children of his own and is not married. He lives with Bruce at Wayne Manor. Although he is actually an employee, he sometimes speaks a word of power if need be, which Bruce accepts, if only reluctantly.


In the comic

  • Alfred Pennyworth is the Wayne family's butler. After the death of Bruce Wayne's parents, he and Leslie Thompkins look after the boy. He was in the military and has mastered the handling of various weapons. He also learned to act, which later enabled him to assist Bruce Wayne in his performance as Batman. Unlike Leslie Thompkins, Alfred has always respected Bruce's decision to act as Batman.