What's the Best Keto Pancake Recipe

10 low carb pancakes that don't taste good low carb

Low carb pancakes are my salvation! The rescue? What for? Anyone who knows me knows: I could eat a magnificent tower full of pancakes almost every day. Soaked in syrup and refined with a dollop of peanut butter. If it weren't for the guilty conscience. Because the typical American pancakes are as rich in content as they are delicious. After eating pancakes, I could usually take another nap straight away, because admittedly they sometimes lie in my stomach like briquettes. Not the best start to being productive during the week, is it?

Apart from the fact that I am not exactly productive with a full stomach, I pay a little attention to my diet and consciously try to replace flour, sugar or even dairy products with healthy alternatives. Almond flour B. is very popular with me. Sure, that's not the typical ingredient in grandma's pancake recipe. But also with it tender pancakes or fluffy pancaces turn out wonderfully. And not just that. Cake and bread can also be turned into a light variant. My latest discovery: Bread without flour with lots of kernels, seeds and nuts. But what exactly is low carb pancake?

Low carb pancakes - what is it?

Do you remember when you read about the first low carb recipes? Not me. I just remember that it was a long time ago. The low-carbohydrate diet so is nothing new. But maybe those low carb pancakes. The aim is to mix the dough with as few carbohydrates as possible. Ideally, this means for preparation: do not use sugar, wheat flour or other ingredients rich in carbohydrates. You can of course decide individually how strict you are to go about it. After all, it's low carb and not no carb! But mostly there is one goal in the foreground: reduce fat deposits and eat healthily.

How do you make low carb pancakes?

So that the delicious breakfast is not only condemned to cozy Sundays, a lighter variant is needed. And that's where the low carb pancakes come in. The popular fitness pancakes contain less fat and, above all, much less carbohydrates than the thick original. So that no taste is lost when slimming down, we went to the test kitchen.

No wheat flour, but almond flour, quark and Co.

Of course, wheat flour has no place in low carb pancakes. Instead, I rely on alternatives that have fewer carbs in their luggage. As a tip for you: 100 g of wheat flour have approx. 71 g of carbohydrates. My alternatives, however, are significantly less. Which are they?

  • Coconut flour: 100 g coconut flour has about 8 g carbohydrates and is ideal for sweet pancakes, as the flour actually tastes like coconut and has its own sweetness. Important here: adjust the amount of liquid upwards, as that flour binds a lot of it.
  • Almond flour: 100 g of almond flour has about 3.5 g of carbohydrates and can theoretically be used 1: 1 instead of wheat flour. But I always take a little less of the flour and add more liquid. Otherwise it'll be dry.
  • Protein powder: 100 g protein powder has about 4 g carbohydrates. However, it should never be used as a complete substitute for flour, but rather mixed with other flours in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3.
  • Soy flour: 100 g of soy flour has about 3 g of carbohydrates and, just like protein powder, should be mixed with other flours in a ratio of 1: 3.

There are also products such as Cream cheese, cottage cheese, eggs or flaxseedthat ensure that the dough binds and has a good consistency.

No sugar, but erythritol, sucralose and fruit

White sugar is also easy to replace. Either through fruits like bananas or dates. Or through sugar alternatives from the low-carb bakery. That would be:

  • Erythritol: That tastes best for me personally and is very easy to process. 100 g of sugar simplyReplace with 125-130 g of erythritol.
  • Xylitol: That substitute tastes almost like sugar and can be used 1: 1.
  • Stevia: Here it is Sweetening power about 300 times stronger than that of sugar and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Therefore dose carefully.
  • Sucralose: The sweetness here is 600 times stronger than sugarbut without a bitter aftertaste. Here really very carefully approach the desired sweetness in small steps.

Low Carb Pancakes: Our Top 10

Enough theory, now it's time to cook. There are 10 recipes waiting for you that want to be tried. And in a sweet and savory version - suitable as breakfast, but also for in between or as a light dinner.

Sweet low carb pancakes

Do you like your pancakes to be sweet? I can understand very well, I feel the same way. They can be so wonderfully refined with berries, fruit puree or peanut butter. So quickly browse through the recipes and find your favorite.

These delicious soul flatterers have it all: Fluffy, tender and even slightly refreshing with quark and lemon. In terms of taste, the cakes are a bit reminiscent of the regional specialty quark pods. Here is the recipe

Bite for bite to be enjoyed. These banana pancakes consist of only three ingredients and are made so easy that you should definitely try them. Here is the recipe

When it storms and rains outside, it is time for food that warms the heart. With fine aromas of vanilla and almond, these warm protein pancakes are just right. Quickly to the stove and then back to bed with the pile of pancakes and pull the covers up to your chin. Here is the recipe

Unfortunately I don't have any flour for you today. But no problem. Thanks to a large portion of peanut butter, this variant of the low carb pancake is still super tasty. Here is the recipe

These fluffy pancakes prove that low carb not only works great with eggs, but also vegan. With coconut chips and strawberry sauce, you get a summer breakfast variation that you won't want to do without in the future. Here is the recipe

These light pancakes are really good with cream cheese, because the creamy ingredient turns the soul flatterer into a treat that can hardly be distinguished from the original. Here is the recipe

Do you like marzipan? Then you will love these pancakes with almond flour. Because of that ingredient, the flatbreads taste very slightly like marzipan, but of course they are still completely low-carb. If you like, you can sweeten the dough with erythritol or just fold in a few blueberries. Either way - these pancakes are the most delicious breakfast treat! To the recipe

Pancakes that taste like cinnamon rolls? You get! The most delicious with a cinnamon swirl and creamy cream cheese. Naturally low carb without wheat flour or sugar. You have to try it! To the recipe

Savory low carb pancakes

Whether for breakfast or as a light dinner - hearty low carb pancakes always work, right? Sometimes with vegetables, sometimes with bacon, sometimes with cheese. Yummy!

Now it's getting spicy: mushrooms and cheese fight hunger pangs in no time! Soy flour and ground flaxseed give the dough the necessary binding so that these low carb pancakes do not lie heavy on the stomach. Here is the recipe

This colorful vegetable pancake is not for cloudy days. Paprika and cheese give the low carb cake a lot of flavor and the grated carrot ensures that the dough stays nice and juicy. Here is the recipe