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52 | Secrets

I drop my bag on the floor of the room and look around. Mark opens the window and lets in fresh air.

"What did he do?" 'Asks Mark suddenly and looks at me. "What do you mean?" I frown. "Yuna, you don't need to hide from me. I can see that you are completely finished ... So what did Suga and Jimin do to you?"
I let myself fall on the bed, Mark does the same. I exhale briefly and then look at my hands.

"You know, I was overjoyed to finally find Jimin again. We were separated for over 10 years ... Now what? He told me to my face that he didn't care. He always didn't care when he left me and then met again. " I bite my lip and feel Mark's watchful gaze on me. Everything is going according to plan.

"I thought he loved me. He was the only family I have left, you know? And then Yoongi came along and ... and he ..."
I stop speaking and concentrate. "Yuna?" Asks Mark quietly and puts an arm on my shoulder. I look at him with tears in my eyes. "I didn't want to sleep with him, but he still tried ..." I breath. Mark looks at me in shock and in the next moment he has taken me in his arms. I claw myself into his shirt and let go of a few sobs. "That damn pig," he says angrily.

I start to grin. He believes me ... Everything is going perfectly. He doesn't know Yoongi and doesn't know that my Yoongi would never be able to do such a cruel thing.

We break up again. "I'm sorry ...", I mumble and wipe my 'tears' away. "It's okay. I can relate to your pain, somehow. I've lost my family too."

I look at him sadly. "I'm so sorry Mark. Really." He nods. "I know." "I know how you feel." "No, you don't know. You don't know what it is like when all your joy dies before your eyes."

I pause for a moment and wonder if I should actually tell him. Not even Yoongi or Jimin knew about it. But to gain his trust ...?

"Yes, actually I already know how it is."

He looks at me confused. "How do you mean?" "Seo and I weren't always the two of us. Back then, when we were around 15 or 16 years old, we were part of a girl gang, we were very strong and feared by everyone. We lived together for 3 years, we killed together ... We were inseparable. But then one day we got into a violent shootout with our greatest enemy. We weren't prepared ... and only Seo and I just made it out. " There was a brief silence. "I lost my best friends back then, my second family. I almost choked on the pain, but I had help and got away from it. And now here I am, stronger. And smarter."

"Wow," breathes Mark. "There is so much I don't know about you. And I thank you." "For what?" "That you trusted me with your secret." Mark smiles at me and I smile back.

It was an honest smile.