Where are Magento backups stored

Magento - CMS data lost but still database backup

We just put a new template on our multistore, which has a great installer ... a very ambitious installer. Without being asked, this overwritten all "Home" CMS pages and the entire content was lost. Unfortunately, there was no reference to this "irrelevant matter" either in the instructions or anywhere else. So that we lost a total of 5 Home CMS pages.

But since we - as it should be - made a database backup, there was still a glimmer of hope to get the original data back and not have to do everything from scratch.
The backup that we created via the Magento backend is known to be a file.
We dragged this to the local memory, unpacked it once and then opened it with PsPad, for example.

Since there is not a little bit of data here, you have to look for the right place.

In our case we looked for


This line - which can be extremely long - contains ALL CMS information that was in the shop. There are now definitely ways to quickly import this data back into the database. But since we only needed a certain area, we looked for the appropriate position. In our case we lacked the CMS content and the XML design.

To create a certain order, you can copy a line into a new file and then sort it. A CMS page always begins with

(NUMBER, e.g. (1, or (2,

So after we have brought a certain structure into one line, it is noticeable that all relevant information is structured relatively obviously here. What is important to know:

The database dump contains some characters that are not contained in the original file - be it a DB export or the CMS content directly. For example, a

\ r \ n a line break
\" a "
\' a ,

You have to take this into account if you take the data from the dump and want to use it again. The individual values ​​are subdivided by a ','.

So it means a little search and find, select an area, drag it to a new file (that's how I did it), sort by the above features, search for the above characters and replace them with the above characters and then the content can also be returned to the CMS.

Thank you backup!