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CoV: “Spucker” tested positive in custody

The 30-year-old spat at several security employees in a hospital shortly before midnight. The 30-year-old, who has several small previous convictions, is now being investigated for deliberately endangering people with communicable diseases (Section 178 of the Criminal Code). He faces up to three years in prison if charged.

As Christina Ratz, media spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice, assured in an interview with the APA, the prison (JA) Josefstadt was well prepared for the admission of the man suffering from Covid-19: "He was received by prison guards in protective equipment." He was then received brought to a single cell in the isolation department. Ratz emphasized that there was no risk of infection for the guards and fellow inmates at any time.

The 30-year-old had endangered security employees in the hospital

The 30-year-old tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 at the end of March. The authorities then ordered home quarantine. At home, the man is likely to have drunk more alcohol. On Thursday night he went to a Vienna hospital because of an injury, where he began to riot. According to the state police headquarters, he was under the influence of alcohol.

Because he did not calm down, security staff at the hospital stepped in and fixed the man who was raging. He tried several times to spit at the security forces. Finally, the 30-year-old was arrested by officers from the standby unit (BE) and the WEGA. As police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer announced, the investigations against the man may be expanded in the direction of resistance to state violence and bodily harm, as he was also stubborn when he was arrested.

Several "Spucker" in Vienna

On Wednesday, several people in Vienna threatened other people with infection from the corona virus by trying to spit on them. The other two cases were petty criminals who apparently tried to avoid arrest by spitting on the executive. A 24-year-old shoplifter in Vienna-Hietzing claimed on Wednesday afternoon that he was suffering from various diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and Covid-19 and spat in the direction of the officials, who were able to evade. The man was arrested by the competence team.

A 33-year-old man acted similarly in Vienna-Floridsdorf, who was supposed to be arrested on Wednesday evening for damage to vehicles and drug possession. He started assaulting the officers, slightly injuring one of the policemen's knee. He also spat several times in their direction and shouted "Corona, Corona". Ultimately, he was arrested by the police officers present without the competence team having to move out.